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The FIFA has confirmed that, despite the health problems that plague the world due to the Covid-19, will celebrate its The Best awards as it has been doing since 2016. However, in this new edition there will be important changes such as that there will not be a face-to-face gala or the voting format for any of the categories.

Unlike Golden Ball, which will not be delivered this 2020 by decision of the organization, FIFA has defended that distributing its own awards is a way of thanking that football has been able to develop, although with problems, in a situation like the current one. “The importance of health it has become clear that it is the first “, they indicate in a statement, and” the protagonists of football have assumed an even greater responsibility.

FIFA “in observance of the public health standards and in accordance with FIFA’s guiding principle that prioritizes health, “it has decided” that the ceremony will take place exclusively virtually. ” December 17 by videoconference and will keep all the categories of the last edition. It should be remembered that Messi was named best player and Klopp best coach of the planet.

In this 2020 edition, the only change announced by FIFA will be in the voting for the best goalkeeper and the best goalkeeper. Until now, the same voting process had not been followed as with the other categories, but this year they will follow the same guidelines as the rest and will leave behind the choice “for a specific panel”. In other words, captains and coaches of the national teams will vote, the fans will vote and the press will vote. Each of these actors will have a 25% vote.

Voting, as announced by FIFA, will begin on November 25 and end on November 9, less than a week before this unusual gala takes place. The main candidates are the players of the Bayern and Sevilla as Champions League champions and the Super Cup, as well as the Europa League respectively.

Bayern, in fact, already took practically the entire ideal team from the last Champions League with up to nine players from the total. Stars like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, both champions on some occasion of the award, do not aspire to take the title in this edition after the poor results of their teams in this 2020. Both the Barcelona as the Juventus they reaped bad results in the Champions League and, in the case of the Catalans, also in national competitions.

Prizes to distribute

The Best to the FIFA Player

The Best FIFA Player

The Best to the FIFA Women’s Football Coach

The Best FIFA Men’s Soccer Coach

The Best to the FIFA Goalkeeper

The Best to the FIFA Goalkeeper

FIFA FIFPRO World11 Femenino


FIFA Fair Play Award

FIFA Puskas Award

FIFA Fan Award

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