“Aztech”, the first Mexican science fiction film in 10 years, arrives at Feratum

It is written in the aztec prophecies: When a cycle is about to end, incessant fire will fall on the Earth. Pre-Hispanic stories tell the vision of a great light that remained for days and nights in the sky shortly before the arrival of the Spanish people, which marked the end of various cultures.

Now, nine Mexican filmmakers have taken on the task of exploring this issue with a science fiction anthology entitled Aztech, which after four years of work reaches the screen.

The film, which required the collaboration of more than a thousand people, begins with objects from the space falling in different parts of Mexico, causing bizarre events in the population and causing the prophecies to come to life.

“The fact that fire fell from the sky we took as a premise for the film and, from there, that would be the omen for something new,” he says. Issac Basulto, producer of the feature film that will premiere in feratus, genre film festival, on Friday.

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“There are stories in the sea, the forest, others with nature; in New York, Canada. It was filmed in Mexico City, Teotihuacán, Tepoztlán, robots had to be generated, fantastic creatures”.

Jaime Jasso, creator of digital sets in Rogue one and Star Wars Episode VII, co-directs with Fernando Campos the story called El camino, which takes place in space. Gustavo Sánchez Parra (Amores perros) manned a ship and interacts with a humanoid robot, thus starting the whole story.

“The road is a visual effect from beginning to end, everything had to be done, it took six or seven months of work to barely achieve 10 seconds on the screen; there are scenarios created by computer, a character created with it, wanted the best possible quality with Mexican resources ”, says Jasso.

“Some physical things were built but the challenge is that people did not realize the virtual and the real,” he adds.

The film fuses pre-Hispanic legends and futurism, robots and Mayan predictions.

Gigi Saúl Guerrero (Into the dark), Leopoldo Laborde (A Secret of Hope), Francisco Laresgoiti (2033), Alejandro Molina (Day and Night), Ulises Guzmán (Malapata), J. Xavier Velasco (Casual Traveler) and Rodrigo Ordóñez (Depositaries) complete the list of directors of the nine episodes that make up the film.

Each team had to seek its own funding. Ordóñez, for example, put the 5,000 dollars (about 100,000 pesos) out of his pocket to film Los solitarios, with Sofía Espinosa (Gloria) and Ignacio Guadalupe (Los Héroes del norte). The film is valued at 30 million pesos, which is the average for a current romantic comedy, but below other action or historical ones such as Saving Soldier Pérez and May 5, the battle.

“The story has no special effects and talks about loneliness, of a grandfather and his granddaughter, when the latter is going to leave. In the fields the object falls and begins to cause a fantastic phenomenon, I think it is close to magical realism ”, Ordóñez considers.

The feature film has a story made in Canada from the hand of Gigi Saúl Guerrero, who decided to make a story with comedy overtones.

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“I wanted to do something like that but very gore, and it is about a Mexican paletero who lives in Vancouver and is happy selling ice cream, but the meteorite falls into his cart and what he sells becomes toxic, it is in Spanglish,” he says.

Aztech will premiere at Feratum in person; virtual, through Klic de Cinépolis, and then have a couple of functions in autocinemas and look for tours in rooms or platforms for 2021.


The tape is in anthology. That is, there are nine episodes with an event that concatenates them: the meteorite.

The nine worked their stories so Independent.

30 MILLION PESOS was the cost of production. The same as a comedy costs.


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