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Archie Harrison will not return to Britain with his parents as they greet their real senior roles. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are thought to have left their nine-month-old son in the care of a nanny and close friends on their rental property on Vancouver Island when they traveled elsewhere since Christmas.

Baby Archie was left behind when Sussex returned to Britain in January to announce their desire to step down from royal royalty.

When the couple traveled to the United States last month, it became clear that Archie had been left home again.

On both of these occasions, it was reported that the young man was being cared for by a nanny and his close friend Jessica Mulroney.

Who will take care of Archie when Meghan and Harry are in the UK?

Although it has not been confirmed who will take care of Archie when Meghan returns to the UK on March 5, it seems likely that she will have her usual nanny and close friends of the couple on hand.

While Archie may be more confident of being in Canada, his absence will be seriously felt by his real relatives on this occasion.

Meghan and Harry will cease to be real real from March 31 and expect to visit Britain less while carving out a new life for themselves.

The Sunday Times reported that Archie’s great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, was “very sad” and would not join her parents in the UK on this occasion.

Queen and Prince Philip have seen little of Archie since her birth on May 6, 2019.

The great-grandparents were unable to attend his baptism on July 6 due to a previous royal commitment.

They also lost his presence in Sandringham at Christmas after Sussex chose to spend it in Canada.

Archie hasn’t been seen with his parents in the UK since last summer.

He last photographed in public during the autumn tour of Sussex in South Africa.

Since then Meghan and Harry have only shared a new photograph of the son that they have published to mark the beginning of 2020.

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