Doctors saved a baby with three legs after the mother refused to an abortion.

Remarkable images show the Russian boy before and after surgery to remove the limb.

Medics in Moscow believe in the third leg, with two heels, from a twin that did not fully develop in the mother's womb.

The additional limb was located between the two normal legs.

The child was also born with two genital and double urinary systems.

The additional leg was spotted during a routine scan on the unidentified mother who lives in a provincial Russian region.

Baby boy with three legs before his first surgery

Computer-generated image of the baby boy with three legs

The mother declined an abortion and the child was delivered in a natural birth, say reports.

An urgent operation was made to defecate.

One month later the boy's middle leg was removed at Holy Vladimir Children's Hospital in Moscow by one of Russia's top paediatric surgeons Professor Yury Sokolov, 55, accompanied by Dr. Evgenia Kartseva.

The baby was born in July last year but the case is only revealed now.

Holy Vladimir Children's Hospital in Moscow

In February this year urologists removed the child's additional genitals and second set of urinary organs.

The baby then had surgery to shape the anus in the correct location.

"Most likely, these were twins," said a medical source.

"The middle leg had two heels.

"These two boys, goal (in the womb) it turned into just one baby."

Top surgeon professor Yury Sokolov

Professor Yury Sokolov in surgery

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Following the surgeries, the boy is now walking and can look forward to a normal life.

One more operation is needed for the normal use of the anus, say the medics.

A Moscow health department source said: "The boy is 14 months old now.

"He is walking and looking around the world.

"He is curious."