Back to Life is a brand new BBC3 comedy about a woman who navigates life outside the prison after serving a long prison sentence for a heinous crime.

Back to Life is written by the producers of The Missing, Baptiste and Liar by Daisy Haggard, who also plays Miri, the ex-convict at the center of the story.

Here's everything you need to know …

What time is Back to Life on TV?

All six episodes of Back to Life were provided as a boxset BBC3 on Monday, April 15th and is broadcast weekly in the slot previously occupied by Fleabag BBC1 from Monday, April 15, at 10:35 pm

What is Back to Life?

Back to Life is a mysterious, dark comedy drama about Miri, a woman who returns to the small town she grew up in after being sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for a terrible crime.

The series follows Miri's first few weeks out of prison as she tries to lead a normal life – and often fails. She tries to rekindle old relationships, make new ones, make a career, and generally focus on "life outside" while hoping that the world will finally forget what happened that fateful night.

Daisy Haggard told "The idea came from a fascination with how hard we are against a woman who did something bad compared to treating men, and an idea of ​​what it would look like to leave the prison and how hard it is I would rebuild your life in your late thirties in a small town where you did this thing.

"I know it does not sound like a comedy, but I've been thinking about the adult beginner aspect and about all the things you did not do and how hard it would be to start all over again."

Who belongs to Back to Life?

Daisy Haggard (episodes, Hang Ups), who writes the comedy, also plays Miri – a character who has partially modeled herself.

"In a sense, Miri would be what I would be in some situations," Haggard said. "She's hit the ground and jumps up again, she's an optimist and she's positive and essentially not what you would expect from her shocking past.

"I have no shocking past, but I share her relentless optimism."

Back to life (BBC)

Daisy Haggard back in life (BBC)

Award-winning actress Geraldine James plays Miri's sexually frustrated mother Caroline and Richard Durden (Brexit: The Uncivil War) as her recycling-obsessed father Oscar.

Back to life (BBC)

Adeel Akhtar (Les Misérables) plays the neighbor Billy.

Back to life (BBC)

Jo Martin (The Long Song) also appears as Parole Officer Janice, Jamie Michie (Game of Thrones) as the first love dom, Christine Bottomley (The End of the World of F *** ing) as Best Friend Mandy and Liam Williams (Pls Like) as chip shop owner Nathan.

What crime has Miri committed from Back to Life?

In the first episode of Back to Life, Miri's own mother hides the kitchen knives in front of her daughter, and the words "psycho b *** h" are painted red on her fence – as if Miri had done something terrible.

Daisy Haggard was very secretive when we wanted to pick out some more details before the series started, but she promised that viewers would soon be "satisfied".

"I'm the worst person to do a show with spoilers because I just blush and look scared because I'm a compulsive fortune-teller," she laughed.

"I will not say what she did, but you learn, you do not have to wait until the end of the show to find out, you'll find out soon, and then the story goes on. You will be satisfied soon.

"Expected to be 18 years in prison for quite a long time. But there are many versions of the truth, so you'll find a few versions of the truth throughout the series. "

In a panic, she added, "Do not let me say that. Please do not let me say that. Stop it. I'll tell you. Stop it!"

Who are the producers of Harry and Jack Williams?

Harry and Jack Williams

Harry and Jack Williams are the executive producers of Back to Life alongside Sarah Hammond (Fleabag, Fried).

The Williams brothers not only write The Missing and Baptiste, they also write ITV's Liar and The Widow and BBC's Rellik.

The duo also has a production company, Two Brothers Pictures, which produced Fleabag, Strangers and Cheat.

"Harry and Jack showed a great interest in a show with me," said Haggard. That's how it started. "

Is there a trailer for Back to Life?

Unfortunately not! But here is a photo of creator and star Daisy Haggard filling the void …

Back to life (BBC)

Back to Life starts as a boxset BBC3 on Monday, April 15 from 10 clock and is broadcast weekly BBC1 from Monday, April 15, at 10:35 pm