DModell’s greedy 90-minute interview with Thomas Markle moved from the start to give a dignified tone. It opened with an epic panoramic shot of the blue waters that lapped the shore of the house adopted by Markle of Rosarito in Mexico. The colors were super saturated, the title is minimalist in that flashy Hollywood fashion. Were you watching an informal chinwag with the stranger father of the Duchess of Sussex – or the latest Fast and Furious movie?

This veneer was quick to break over Thomas Markle: my story (Channel 5), a compelling, pitiful and bewildering (in turn) documentary on Channel 5. Markle, 75, is clearly a frustrated and unhappy man who misses his daughter. But he also realized how his actions might seem to others. Could, for example, understand why many would consider it a violation to share precious home videos of father and daughter from Meghan’s childhood and adolescence?

Watching these clips seemed like a transgression. It will have been so regardless of whether you are a solid monarchist, a furious republican or just somewhere in the middle.

The Duke and Duchess, engaged in settling in their new home in Canada, must have been horrified to hear that Thomas was chatting with Channel 5. On the remote occasion they saw, their unease would have increased exponentially within an hour -half.


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