Bad weather could detonate accidents

Frontera., Coah.- To support the municipal Civil Protection department with the work of protecting motorists from the entry of the freezing wave that will hit the region in the coming days, the Department of Transportation and Roads will carry out reviews in the sectors where there are works in progress to avoid vehicular accidents due to the expected zero visibility.

José Ángel Ibarra, Director of the department said that in the municipality there are works that are in process as well as streets that are closed, therefore they will place signs and dividing drums to prevent people from colliding or falling in the spaces where the works are are performing.

He said that there are streets in the downtown area where machinery and equipment of men are working, therefore these sectors will be constantly monitored with the intention of preventing an accident, in addition they will coordinate with civil protection for the rondines in the neighborhoods of the periphery with the intention to support people who live in cardboard houses.

“We are going to monitor the arteries, especially the bypass and areas where there are construction works, because fog banks are expected that can cause low visibility, so we ask citizens to circulate at moderate speed, turn on their indicators and above all, keep the distance between vehicles to avoid an accident ”.

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