CLEVELAND, Ohio – Quarterback Baker Mayfield won Cleveland Brown's 28-16 win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday afternoon at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mayfield crashed six times for 20 yards, including two knees in the final possession of the game.

Impressive: Mayfield was great in a word. He opened 13 out of 13. He has always made smart decisions and excellent throws to help the Browns (3-6-1) defeat in four games. The Browns have won three games in one season for the first time since 2015.

Fox Sports analyst Ronde Barber could not say enough positive things about Mayfield, who had built on solid work in a week 9 home defeat by Kansas City.

Mayfield and offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens began their partnership in week 9 after coaches Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley were fired. For the second week in a row, Mayfield and Kitchens were in sync, and it was funny to see them.

The masterful play of the kitchens ensured a balanced pass-run. The Browns crashed 29 times for 211 yards and a touchdown, 20 of them for 176 and the TD by running Nick Chubb back.

(Yes, Hawk's defense is hurtful and bad, I do not care.) Kitchens and Mayfield deserve to make it look a lot worse.)

No question that Brown's defense played a big part in making Kitchens and Mayfield thrive. The defense caused all sorts of problems for a Falcons offense, which can be explosive. The Falcons (4-5) had won three in a row.

Mayfield's final grade is not surprisingly A +. It's the second A + of his rookie season. In week 3 he relieved Tyrod Taylor and went for a 21-17 home win over the New York Jets with 17 of 23 for 201 yards. The Jets game marked Mayfield's NFL debut.

Bit by bit: Here is a breakdown of the Browns dropbacks based on the Fox Sports broadcast's DVR review:


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