“Bale has been retired for two years”

In 2018, Tony Cascarino, a former Chelsea player and former Irish international, warned Gareth Bale not to go with José Mourinho. At that time, the Portuguese trained Manchester United.

Finally, the rumors were not fulfilled and the Welshman stayed in Madrid. But fate would have it meet the technician in the Premier, although in the ranks of Tottenham.

Almost three years after his words, Cascarino spoke of Bale again. And not very well, since he assured in ‘Talksport’ that he has not been a footballer for a long time: “He has been retired for two years.”

“I didn’t like his agent’s comments, that Gareth is basically ready for retirement and approaching the end of his career … Imagine that you are a colleague in the locker room and you are thinking, ‘did you come here to prepare for retirement? “, he said in relation to Barnett’s words.

Cascarino excused the Welshman from the words of his representative, but not for his game: “Bale has not said anything, he is his agent, but if you are from Tottenham or Mourinho himself, you would be left thinking, ‘this player has come here to retire and have fun. As I was playing, I think Bale retired two years ago. “

“I think the Real Madrid fans were right, they have seen a player who I had thrown in the towel. Not quite, but he didn’t seem like he wanted to show how good he can be. It certainly hasn’t done that in last 18 months “, he concluded.


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