Jared Sebastian Byrom said he acted in self-defense (photo: Liverpool Echo)

A hairdresser who stabbed a customer ribs after leaving a bad hair critic claimed that he was acting in self-defense.

Jared Sebastian Byrom, 27, of Runcorn, Cheshire, is accused of stabbing Casey Michael Dorgan with a pair of scissors in the gym's locker room, heard a court.

The incident occurred at Pure Gym on Bridge Retail Park approximately six months after Mr. Dorgan complained that Byrom had "cut his hair" in June 2018.

Byrom denies having unlawfully injured with intent to cause GBH and to have unlawfully injured.

In an interview with the police, Mr. Byrom stated that he had "cut off the chest hair" when he had been "jumped by Mr. Dorgan".

The Crown Crown of Chester has learned how much a heated dispute arose after Mr. Dorgan accused Byrom of "watching from afar" and needing the help of his colleagues to clean his hair.

Byrom allegedly attacked his former client in a locker room (Photo: Liverpool Echo)

Philip Clemo, who sued, told the jury that Mr. Dorgan was not thinking about the argument and had not seen his hairdresser before being attacked on January 13th of this year.

Earlier in the morning, Mr. Dorgan had met his friend Frankie Thomas at the gym, but neither one nor the other had noticed that Byrom was entering the building and had heard the court.

Clemo said that after finishing their training session, they made their way to the men's locker room and noticed another man approaching before he "felt a blow on the left side of the ribs" .

At first, he thought it was a punch and pushed the man to the ground, then he noticed that he was holding a 'thin, pointed object' and that he had blood on his hands.

Mr. Dorgan said: "I kind of reacted and I thought" I felt something on my side ".

"I put my hand by my side and there was blood running down my hand and on my side."

He quickly realized that he had been stabbed and was eager to seek the help of another gym enthusiast, Riza Yassin, while Mr. Thomas was composing. the 999.

The incident occurred at Pure Gym, Bridge Retail Park in Runcorn (photo: Google).
Byrom owns the barbers Jared & Co in Runcorn (photo: Google)

When Mr. Yassin went to get help, he came across Byrom and told him that a man had been stabbed in the locker room, to which the accused replied that he had been stabbed in the locker room. he had done so but that Mr. Dorgan had attacked him and that he had used scissors to stab him, "Clemo said.

Byrom then tried to find a gym staff member to help Mr. Dorgan before taking him to the hospital.

The court heard that Byrom, the owner of Jared & Co Barbers, then said he was not wearing a knife, but that he had scissors.

Police found Byrom and grabbed his scissors, which proved positive for Mr. Dorgan's DNA on one of the blades.

Mr. Clemo stated that the scissors – which were shown to the jurors – are of the type used by barbers and hairdressers and are "really very sharp".

A video surveillance showing the movements of the defendant and the complainant inside the gymnasium, but not the locker room, was shown in court during the hearing.

The trial continues.