Barça denounces that the VAR continues to make mistakes against them

The head of institutional relations at FC Barcelona, Guillermo Amor, bitterly complained to the cameras of ‘Vamos’ about the operation of the VAR, despite the team’s comfortable victory, 5-1. His complaint specifically referred to Leo Messi’s goal, which canceled the VAR for offside by a few millimeters, considering that Antoine Griezmann was slightly ahead. However, from Barcelona they did not see it precisely in this way: “It was a goal. It was not offside. It was a legal goal. We all agreed at the club. Having the VAR it is a pity that we continue to talk about this tool. The VAR if it works is to help. It is not a good sign that the VAR continues to bring so much controversy. The good thing would be that there were no questions from the VAR. It continues to create many doubts and confusion in all types of plays, some are reviewed, others are not. “

As well Ronald Koeman has been very critical of this tool since he came to the bench of FC Barcelona. The Dutchman, who tried to bite his tongue to avoid a penalty from the Competition Committee, made it very clear after the victory against Alaves that Messi’s goal was totally legal: “The VAR must have a magnifying glass to call an offside like this. It is a legal goal. But I don’t want to dwell on explanations because I don’t want problems “.

It must be remembered that the technician came to assure that he did not understand the operation of the WHERE and that since he came to Spain he’s totally clueless about which plays are reviewed and which are not, which are re-refereed or not.

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