Barcelona, ​​protagonist in the 300th anniversary of the Royal and Military Academy of Mathematics

Barcelona, ​​protagonist in the 300th anniversary of the Royal and Military Academy of Mathematics

El Jeme, during his visit to the Barcelona / ET exhibition

Esteban Villarejo the

16 oct, 2020

The Chief of Staff of the Army (Jeme), Army General Francisco Javier Varela, chaired last Thursday the institutional act commemorating the 300th anniversary of the creation of the Royal and Military Academy of Mathematics, in the Palace of the Captaincy General of Barcelona, ​​headquarters of the headquarters of the General Inspection of the Army, under the command of the Lieutenant General Fernando Aznar Ladrón de Guevara. As a curiosity, go ahead that this Royal and Military Academy of Mathematics had as its headquarters, long ago, the current Parliament of the Catalan autonomous community.

During his speech, the Jeme stressed that it is a historical milestone of the utmost importance: «Its engineers favored not only the execution of military operations, but also the development of the civil infrastructure necessary for the modernization of Spanish society, in the 18th and 19th centuries ”, he pointed out.

El Jeme (left), during his visit to the Barcelona / ET exhibition

In this way, he invited to participate in all the activities and cultural events that are taking place in Barcelona on the occasion of the anniversary, and which include an exhibition on the Academy, inaugurated on September 22, and that can be visited in the Palace of the Captaincy General of Barcelona.

The Chief of the Army Staff did not want to miss the opportunity to contemplate the exhibition and in this regard highlighted during his speech his interest “in that it serves to spread the history and the works carried out by those who were trained in it.” In addition to the exhibition, a series of conferences has been established and a commemorative book has been published for the occasion. With all this, he thanked the effort and dedication to promote the celebration of the anniversary to the Institute of Military History and Culture, the Pyrenean Military History and Culture Center and the rest of the units that have collaborated with the programming.

Historical review

Behind the loss of the Netherlands at the beginning of the 18th century, it was necessary to transfer to the peninsula its Military Academy located in the city of Brussels. The chosen place was Barcelona and the name: Academia de Matemáticas de Barcelona. The Academy would open its doors in 1720, just nine years after the organization of the Corps of Military Engineers. The promoter of both projects would be the general of Belgian origin, Mr. Jorge Prospero de Verboom, and its first director D Mateo Calabro.

The Military Engineers at the time of the illustration developed a commendable work in the military and civil spheres, highlighting the current validity for the Army of the values ​​that inspired them and making the presence of the Army felt as an intrinsic part of society in general. , and in Catalonia and Barcelona in particular, where the academy resided for more than 80 years.

In 2020 it will be three hundred years since the creation of this Military Academy oriented to the construction of fortresses, strategy of attack and defense of the same and raising of plans.

This Academy is considered the forerunner of some of the current Military Academies, especially the Academies of Engineers and Artillery of the Army, as well as the Higher Technical Schools of Civil Engineers, Canals and Ports.

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Esteban Villarejo the

16 oct, 2020

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