Barcelona and the superislas. By Joaquín Romero

Ada Colau boasts that the British Conservative newspaper The Times has set Barcelona as an example of a city that fights against pollution and makes the urban environment a more sustainable and healthy place. It is logical that he boasts, as it is that he does not air the criticism of all the media to its anti-business policy, which ranges from the veto of hotels to the punishment of the automobile industry, despite the fact that the mayor herself has the self-confidence to take a photo in the workers’ protests against the closure of the Nissan plant.

Eloi Badia he is also fond of propaganda and staging. Yesterday he posted a video on Twitter with the atmosphere of the sunny noon on Saturday in Sant Antoni in which, in addition to selling the benefits of the super-islands, he disqualified those who hit them. According to the deputy mayor – who interprets the queues in front of the stores as a sign of great commercial activity and not as a consequence of the sanitary measures – those who criticize the invention of tactical urban planning of the commons oppose the city, the merchants and people in general. Who do you think is entangled with that childish manipulation?

No one in their right mind can be against Barcelona reducing pollution and traffic, but another thing is that the council does not consult citizens on how to do it and that it behaves in an authoritarian way, as it does in many other matters.

What is the Barcelona City Council thinking about when it boasts of the expulsion of cars from the city precisely at this time? Haven’t you heard that there is a pandemic and that citizens avoid public transportation? Car use has increased from 24% to 47% in the city in recent months, while in the metropolitan area it has risen to 52%. How is it possible that in this situation the council continues to eliminate free parking spaces?

The use of the metro has lost 15 points in these months, while the bus has dropped eight. But the city council turns a deaf ear, it chooses precisely these dates to announce its star project: the pacification of 21 of the 61 streets in the heart of the city. By the way, in the presentation they were I forget explain how they will strengthen the infrastructures that will absorb this traffic and how they will finance them. First of all, propaganda.

Colau is understood to air the comments of The Times, that it has been believed that the commons will continue the work of Ildefons Cerdà, but you should pay attention to people who do know Barcelona, ​​who have it well measured and studied, such as the RACC. And pay attention to it: check with your neighbors, abandon trials where they have not worked, get cyclists off the sidewalks and promote the safety of those who have decided to travel on foot. If possible, learn to plan beyond the four-year term, although of course for that you have to agree on plans with the rest of the plenary session.

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