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Luis Alberto Diaz

04/05/2021 23:05 HONOR

GOOD NIGHT WELCOME CHILDREN OF BASKETBALL !!! When you don’t know very well how to do it before starting the live show, it is synonymous with the fact that what is ahead is great and what is coming is the fifth game between Barcelona and Zenit de Saint Petersburg in search of the last guest of the final four; all or nothing for Barça or Zenit.

Jasikevicius’s Barcelona cling to the Palau to knock down Zenit and play in the final four, but first they must defeat the Russian side, the only team to have won three games this season. Not in the worst of his nightmares had anyone from Barcelona imagined that these playoffs, which he attended as leaders of the regular phase, would be resolved in the fifth match. Without detracting from the Russian team, masterfully led by Xavi Pascual, much of the blame has been on Barcelona himself, who has not played even remotely as in the regular season, because he could not and because Zenit has not allowed it. .

Pascual has achieved what seemed impossible, diminish the prolific Barça attack, from 80.6 points in the regular phase to 73.5 in the playoffs, and something no less difficult, playing almost always at the pace proposed by his team. It is as if he had conjured up all the talent that those of Jasikevicius treasure with his good defense and his surgeon attack, he has the best shooting percentage of two of the playoffs (54.3%) and Barça the worst (44%).

One of the keys for Barcelona to be victorious in this final will be to regain offensive fluidity and especially the best Mirotic. The former NBA player has not given any symptoms of what he has been in the regular phase, in the first two games he signed his two worst evaluations with Barcelona in the Euroleague and that is not only noticed by Barcelona but also all his teammates, who are entrusting everything to the best Davies of the season. The pivot is being the Barça pillar both in the games in which they won and in those in which they ended up defeated.

Nerves for living the game and meeting the fourth protagonist of the final four, wanting to tell it in the best possible way and hope that it is a great game that leaves us all proud of this sport. So there is nothing left but to remind you that I am Luis Alberto Díaz, that we are going to live a whole GAME and that I hope from your company to enjoy it more and better, let’s go, let’s enjoy basketballoooooooooooooooooooo


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