Barcelona begins to charge for charging electric cars

He Barcelona’s town hall has announced that free recharges for electric cars have ended. As of January 18, the public network Endolla Barcelona will start charging users for recharges, which until now were free.

Users of the Endolla Barcelona service have received a brief message with which the Ada Colau City Council announces a radical change in its policy in relation to electric mobility. In the message, the council communicates that it will proceed to collection of battery recharges as of January 18, thus ending a trajectory of years in which the Barcelona City Council has offered free electricity to promote the use of electric vehicles.

Right now, when cars and others electric vehicles e hybrids begin to proliferate due to the increase in sales, the Endolla Barcelona network begins to charge for recharges with an offer of several plans. The more than 5,000 registered users of the service have to choose one of these payment methods to continue plugging their vehicles into the more than 500 points distributed throughout the Catalan capital.

New Endolla Barcelona rates

The prices charged by Endolla Barcelona depend on the frequency of use and whether it is done by subscription or only by paying for each recharge. The new rates range from 0.22 euros per kWh in the case of a nightly charge in points located in B: SM car parks to 0.49 euros for sporadic daytime use on the street. With these prices, the recharge of an average hybrid car can cost around six euros and that of an electric car, about 25 euros.

As a launch offer, the City Council is promoting a 50% discount for a subscription of 100 euros for contracts made until June 30.

In the message sent to users, Endolla Barcelona maintains that the network “continues to grow to offer a comfortable and efficient service that guarantees a transition towards 100% sustainable mobility”. According to figures from the city council, Endolla Barcelona registers more than 7,000 monthly recharges on average.

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