Barcelona City Council buys three buildings in Horta to avoid the expulsion of 45 families

The municipal council has acquired the three farms located in the streets of Doctor Letamendi and Mont-ral, in the neighborhood of Horta. With this purchase, the expulsion of the 45 families who live in these buildings, many at risk of social exclusion, will be avoided.

The buildings, which are in a very precarious state, have been made for a value of 1.4 million euros. Neighbors have finished contracts and not extended and will allow a comprehensive rehabilitation of the buildings.

With this operation response is given to the demands of the neighborhood, which for years has suffered from non-compliance by the property with the duty of conservation of the farm and lately attempts to put the buildings in the hands of vulture funds.

The rehabilitation of the farms costs 4.4 million euros and will be included in the agreement signed in November with the most representative entities of the social and cooperative housing sector to guarantee the right to housing. As provided for in the agreement, the land will be transferred to the foundation, in this case Cohabitac, to be in charge of the rehabilitation and management of the homes.

According to previous studies carried out by the Municipal Institute of Housing and Rehabilitation (IMHAB)After the reform in these farms there could be 36 homes. Resident families who, due to the reduction in the total number of dwellings, cannot remain in them, will be provided with public rental housing as close to the area as possible.

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Almost nine hundred homes bought in six years

This acquisition has been possible thanks to the approval, in the past mandate, of the declaration of scoring and retraction area throughout the city for entire farms. Since this strategy was launched, the City Council has acquired 26 farms, which means an investment of 70 million euros to expand the public housing stock and stop real estate speculation processes.

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