Barcelona has six injuries that complicate it for the second date

Barcelona presents six injured before the game this Saturday, October 17, 2017 before Dolphin, for the second date of the second stage of LigaPro. Of these, three will be compulsory absences and the rest will be under observation in the following hours.

Andres Arce, doctor of the canaries, detailed the report on these cases. Regarding Gabriel Marques, he indicated that he suffers from a “muscular injury that luckily did not transcend to adults.”

Jose AnguloFor his part, he had a “muscular load of the hindquarters”, but he also considers that he will be able to recover in the coming days.

Of Nixon Molina, the bullfighter doctor indicated that he suffered “a trauma to his hand”, but that he will be able to play against cetaceans at the Monumental stadium.

Michale Arroyo and Christian Colmán they continue to improve in their muscular problems and in the next few days they will return to training. Williams Riveros he has a sprained ankle and we will see him in the next few hours, “he continued.

Finally, from Jonatan Álvez He said that “he continues with the muscular discomfort”, but that they hope to have it by the next date.


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