Barcelona idol gave Dembélé everything

Former Brazilian footballer Rivaldo, who played five seasons with Barcelona being a key player in the conquest of two League titles and one Cup, as well as a European Super Cup, severely criticized Frenchman Ousmane Dembélé, who refused to leave the Blaugrana club at the end of the season with everything and that he still has not performed what was expected of his hiring.

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“Dembélé continues to injure himself, arriving late for training… he should be much more responsible. If he did his job, if he were playing regularly, he would have every right in the world to stay at Barcelona, ​​but that is not the case. Dembélé has done nothing to give back to the club the enormous effort they made with their signing, ”said Rivaldo during an interview in Brazil.

The former Brazilian national team withdrew that the French striker has not been at the footballing level that allowed him to shine in his country.

“The situation is complicated for Barcelona, ​​because they spent a lot to bring him. But we have not yet seen a trace of what he taught at Borussia Dortmund. He seems to me an extraordinary player with magnificent conditions, but as he continues on this path, his contract will end without having shown anything at all. We will see if he gives Koeman arguments to be important, but it does not depend on the coach or the club, but on the commitment that Dembélé wants to have ”, he emphasized.

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