Barcelona in Manta, a secret love

COVID-19 came to change everything. In January 2020, fans from Los Bajos and other venues that are close to the Galacticos complex, in the Montecristi sector, lived a real party with Barcelona so close.

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They watched their favorite players train, sang to them and even took photos. A year later, all this is prohibited because of the pandemic.

But the love of the club can overcome all obstacles and even lead to breaking the rules. On Friday, January 22, 2021, some 12 Barcelona fans managed to see their idols. Of course, since the approach is forbidden, they went through a crossroads, a path full of mud and stones. Dodging barbed wire and other small dangers, in addition to overcoming some small elevations, they reached the edge of the field.

And there they recreated a little piece of the rostrum. José Cedeño, who said he was the leader of the Bajo de la Palma yellow bar, took the step for the song of “how am I not going to love you?”

Surely they did not hear him on the court, as they were separated by about 300 meters. But that didn’t matter, they kept singing.

Víctor Cabeza, another fan, cheered with fervor, but at the same time admitted feeling sorry because he could not drink a photo with Bruno Piñatares.

Fans also came to the area such as Byron Mercantil, Robert Merchán, Jair and Ítalo Araque. They tried to identify the new yellow players, but they were far away.

“Last year there were policemen, but not now. The ‘turro’ is that we cannot approach, but they are the rules of now. We will keep coming to support the idol, “lamented Robert Merchán.

They arrived sweaty. They had pedaled for half an hour on an alternate path. They were hoping to take back some memories. Bryan Quijije, 19 years old and a barber by profession, wanted a photograph with Damián Díaz; While Jesús Lucas, also 19, dreamed of a selfie with Byron Castillo. And although they did not succeed, they were happy to encourage the Idol from afar.


In 2019, when he was champion with Delfín, Sergio López played hook. That could be the reason for not arriving at Barcelona 2020, since that position belongs to Damián Díaz.

But now, after a year in Aucas playing a little behind, as a mixed steering wheel, the doors were opened. López maintains that he can play in the entire shuttle area and reach the opposite area with the possibility of scoring goals. In Aucas he made nine.

“With a mixed steering wheel I feel more comfortable. We have to wait and see how I better serve Fabián (Bustos) ”he said.

López accepted that the first days have been good. In addition, he highlighted that there is a very competitive staff, with many friends that he left on his way through Delfín.

For him, Barcelona will show a lot of football this year. He even dared to say that the Libertadores can fight.


The front Gonzalo Mastriani and the extreme Jonathan Perlaza They will play in Barcelona during the 2021 season. The two were presented by the club through their social media accounts. Despite all the movements, the bullfighter team has not yet closed the transfer book. Central defender Luis Fernando Leon, who for now belongs to Atlético San Luis, is in negotiations. This weekend they would take place.


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