Barcelona regrets the departure of one of its stars

Barcelona has experienced a contrasting start to the season, in LaLiga it has suffered, while in the Champions League it is the leader of Group G. Perhaps it is because it lost to Luis Suárez, who has been better than Griezmann and Messi.

Luis Suárez signed with Atlético de Madrid in September.

The uncertainty accompanied from the beginning to the ‘culés’, since they did not know if the ‘Flea’ would leave after the painful defeat in the Champions League and then with the loss of ‘Pistolero’, who left with the ‘Colchoneros’ to demonstrate his scoring power.

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Currently maybe Barcelona regrets the departure of Luis Suárez, as his brand is better than that achieved by Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann in local competition.

The Uruguayan from the first game with Atlético de Madrid showed that his scoring nose has not disappeared and in 6 LaLiga games he has scored 5 goals and given 1 assist.

For its part, the ‘Pulga’, with 7 games played, has 2 annotations and 2 assists, while ‘Grizi’, in the same number of duels, adds 2 goals and 1 assist.

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In Champions League the story changes a bit, Luis Suárez has played 3 games, but has not dialed or attended, while your friend Lionel Messi, with 3 goals and 3 assists in 3 games, has guided Barcelona to the leadership of Group G with a perfect pace.

However, Griezmann’s story still leaves much to be desired, He has played 2 games and has not collaborated in the Blaugrana triumphs.

Griezmann has played 441 minutes in LaLiga and Messi 584 minutes.

Luis Suárez also shines with the Uruguay National Team and, in 3 matches of the Conmebol qualifying rounds towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup, has scored 4 goals.

The ‘Flea’ cannot say the same, since in the same number of games, He has only scored 1 time.

For his part, Antoine Griezmann shines a little more with France and, in 6 duels he has had this 2020, boasts 3 goals and an assist.

This is how Luis Suárez has stolen the international spotlight, fighting for the LaLiga title with him Atlético de Madrid in third place in the standings, while Messi and ‘Grizou’ suffer with Barcelona in eighth place.

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