Barcelona sends a message of encouragement to those affected by the metro accident

On Monday night, Mexico City experienced the most tragic and horrifying moment since the earthquake that occurred in September 2017. Due to a maintenance failure (and several other edges) the metro line 12 of the Collective Transport System collapsed between the seasons Olivos and Tezonco, thus causing a catastrophe that has become worldwide and that has caused the reaction of various teams throughout the planet, including the Barcelona.

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Through a publication from their official Facebook account, the Blaugrana team sent their shows of support to the community that was affected for the unfortunate event lived in the capital of the country. In the same way, the Catalan institution sent a message of encouragement to those who, unfortunately, were directly affected by the problem experienced by the most used transport in Mexico City around 11:00 p.m.

All our support and solidarity with Mexico City, especially with the family and friends of those affected by the Metro accident ”. wrote Barcelona. The message immediately became a trend and, therefore, won the affection of millions of Mexican users, who thanked the club for its noble gesture despite the kilometers of distance between the Mexican Republic and Spain.

Source: Facebook @FCBarcelona

It should be noted that Barcelona is not the only one who has sent their condolences about the situation. In fact, the first to be present in the world of social networks was the Wolverhampton by Raúl Jiménez with a message through your account in Spanish. Behind him, some squads that have or had Mexicans in their ranks appeared, among them the Bayer Leverkusen of Germany (thanks to the impact of Javier Hernández) and the PSV, a team from the Netherlands with Aztec containment Erick Gutierrez.

So far, the authorities of the capital have confirmed just over 20 deaths and around 70 injured for the unfortunate event that occurred on Monday night. However, the numbers are expected to update over the next few days.

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