Barcelona The economic stab –

To the sporting and moral setback caused by the defeat against PSG at the Camp Nou and that leaves Barça with a foot and a half out of the Champions League, It is necessary to add the economic stab that this result supposes for the already impoverished coffers of Barcelona.

The Champions, beyond the most important and prestigious competition, has a clear economic interest for the teams that compete in it and the more than probable elimination of Barcelona in the second round is a very hard stick. In the club’s budgets, pending approval by the members’ assembly, Barça took it for granted that the team reached the quarterfinals of the Champions. A forecast that translated into numbers assumes that the board had the 10.5 million euros with which UEFA awards the eight teams that pass the round of eighth. In the absence of a miracle, that amount must also be subtracted from a budget that has already been squeezed into more than 200 million.

So far, Barça has received 38.25 million euros for their participation in this edition of the Champions League, which are broken down as follows: 15.25 just for participating, 13.5 as a reward for their five victories in the group stage (to 2.7 million per win) and 9.5 million for reaching the round of 16. The Blaugrana team had the reinforcement of those 10.5 that are awarded to pass to cuertaos and that are now impossible. Bayern Munich, last season raised after winning the Champions League 82 million euros only in UEFA awards

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