Barcelona: These are the top five all-time scorers for the Blaugrana team

The FC Barcelona It is one of the clubs with more mysticism around it. With a history that many would like to have, the Catalan team is one of the most popular and representative of football worldwide, having billions of fans who sympathize with its colors, its players and the philosophy they have, making them an authentic club. historically.

With 26 leagues, 31 Copas del Rey, 17 Spanish Super Cups, three Club World Cups, five UEFA Champions Leagues, three European Super Cups and four European Cup Winners’ Cups, FC Barcelona is one of the most winning teams that this sport has had, but Who have been your five all-time top scorers? Here you will discover the information.

5.- José Samiter (184 goals)

He was a Spanish soccer player and coach, who was able to spend most of his career at Fútbol Club Barcelona before spending two years at Real Madrid, the hated rival of the Catalans. With their 184 goals in 232 games they place him as the fifth historical scorer for the Blaugranas.

As there was no Spanish League in those days, José was able to win 12 championships in Catalonia. He died on May 4, 1972 at the age of 70.

4.- Ladislao Kubala (194 goals)

Ladislao has the record of being the person who has been able to defend three national teams, wearing the shirts of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Spain. Ladislao in the 256 games he played for the club between 1950 and 1962, he recorded the number of 194 goals, placing itself in the fourth rung of the historical ranking.

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The winner of four Leagues and five King’s Cups passed away on May 17, 2002 at the age of 74. He is one of the 50 best footballers of the 20th century according to the IFFHS.

Ladislao Kubala's revolutionary football: an emotional tribute in Madrid |  AS newspaper

3.- Luis Suárez (198 goals)

The “gunman” is one of the best strikers football has had in recent years. The ex-Liverpool and Ajax player is an area bully; proof of this are the 198 goals that he scored wearing the Barça jacket in the 283 matches he had the opportunity to defend the Catalan institution.

Currently, the winner of the UEFA Champions League with Barcelona in 2014-2015 plays for Atlético de Madrid, a team with which he is about to win the league… if they beat Barcelona in their next game.

TOP 10 GOALS LaLiga Luis Suárez

2.- César Rodríguez (230 goals)

The famous “Pelucas” was an elite footballer for the Catalan institution. In his 350 games that he had the opportunity to defend the colors of Barcelona (1942-1955), César scored 230 goals, placing itself in the silver position of the historical of this institution so essential in world football.

With the Catalans he won five Leagues, three King’s Cups and three Eva Duarte cups (Spanish Super Cup). He passed away on March 1, 1995 at the age of 74.

César Rodríguez (1942-1955)

1.- Lionel Messi (670 goals)

What can’t be said about Lionel Messi that we don’t know? Winner of everything disputable with Barcelona, ​​best player in the club, top scorer in LaLiga, fourth top scorer in football history and of course, top scorer for Barcelona with 670 goals and counting.

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Besides all the aforementioned, “La Pulga” is the player who more games he has played with the Barcelona shirt with 775. Without a doubt, it will be very difficult for someone to overcome what Messi has done in his excellent career.

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Will anyone ever surpass Lionel Messi?


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