BARCELONA | Tusquets already knows that he is alone

Carles Tusquets’ first trip with the team could not have been more bitter and bleak. His presence was not very well received by a large part of the squad, who opted directly for the ninguneo. Only the technicians and employees of the club interacted in a normal way with the president of the Manager, while the majority of the expedition was limited to giving a formal greeting, in the best of cases. And that’s on the outward journey, because in the return, the president of the Manager took refuge with the club executives who also traveled to Madrid and a member of the Management Company who also accompanied Tusquets.

Of course, Tusquets wanted to talk. As soon as he left the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, he attended to the media to temper the spirits after the first negative impressions with the injury of Gerard Piqué, ensuring that the injury “does not seem so serious”.

Anecdote aside, the tension between the squad and the Manager was felt especially with Leo Messi. The captain barely made his way to Tusquets at any time throughout the trip. It is evident that the salary reduction proposed by the Manager does not quite convince a large part of the dressing room and it is creating very difficult situations to manage. To start this monday a definitive agreement would have to be reached with the footballers, but it seems very difficult to close, despite some evident progress in the negotiations, because many still think that the Manager is not a valid interlocutor to raise this type of decision.

In fact, players already have shown their preference to negotiate the salary cut individually with the new president. In this way, the situation could last until after the elections, with the aggravation that this would mean for the club’s coffers.

Whatever happens at the end, what seems evident is that the staff needs to feel protected by a valid interlocutor and many players do not consider Tusquets the right person to make far-reaching decisions at the club.

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