Barcelona vs. Atlético Madrid: How is the goalaverage and who is first in LaLiga 2020-2021 if they tie on points

The title can be defined by the two games played between rojiblancos and azulgranas throughout the league season.

Neither him Real Madrid neither him Sevilla want to know any of this, but no one can rule out the possibility that the Atlético de Madrid and the Barcelona finish the league season at the top of the standings and tied on points. In that sense, the champion would be defined by goal average .

Right now the table indicates that Atlético leads with 76 points, while Barça and Madrid follow with 74. With four points less is the surprising Sevilla, with 70 (one game less). The day that seems to be the decisive one when it comes to raising one of the teams to the first position with only three crashes to play is the 35th (May 8 and 9). In it there is the curious circumstance that Atlético (1st) and Barcelona (2nd) face each other at the Camp Nou and Real Madrid (3rd) and Sevilla (4th) at Alfredo Di Stéfano.

What does goal average mean

The Goal Average or Golaveraje is a term that comes from the English expression Goal Average used in Anglo-Saxon football. Its current meaning is very different from the one originally used. The Anglo-Saxon Goal Average refers to the average of goals or average between the goals scored and those received, and was used in the event of a tie to determine the winning team in the final rankings of the competitions.

Currently, the Goal Average or the Golaveraje is the methodology used in the world of football to establish the tiebreaker between those teams that in a tournament have achieved the same score. For this, the difference between the goals scored and those received by each team must be known. The one in which there is the greatest difference will be the winner.

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Barcelona vs. Atlético de Madrid: How is the goal average and who is first in LaLiga 2020-2021 if they tie on points

It should be noted that Atlético Madrid and Barcelona They have not yet defined who wins the goal average because they have not yet played the second round match, to be played next Saturday, May 8 at the Camp Nou.

In the first round, a solitary goal by Yannick Carrasco in the last play of the first half was enough for the mattresses to take the victory, after a serious error by Marc-André Ter Stegen.

If Barcelona beats Atleti by two or more goals at the Camp Nou, the goal average will beat them. If they tie or lose, the goal average will remain for the citizens of the capital and, in case of equality of points at the top of the classification after the 38 days, it would be Simeone’s who would win the title.

If Barcelona wins by just one goal difference, the goal average will be settled according to who has the best differential throughout the tournament, counting the other 18 teams.


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