Barcelona wants to look for defensive solutions in Liverpool

The Barcelona FC saga is not in the best moment that we say. Despite not having conceded a large number of goals in recent games, there have been errors and insecurities in the culé club that is already beginning to look for a replacement and companion for Gerard Piqué, who is eclipsed. That is why Barcelona has looked to a Liverpool player to reinforce the defense: Joel Matip.

November 20, 2020 15:47 hs

To keep Piqué company and replace him on occasions, Ronald Koeman needs a new piece to fill the void in the current Barcelona FC saga. And the culés have noticed one of the stars of the Liverpool.

Barcelona wants to look for defensive solutions in Liverpool

Joel Matip is 28 years old and it could be the key piece missing from the scheme of those led by Koeman to return to the level of the great clubs in Europe. It is one of the safest options for the next transfer market.

In addition, its cost would be well below the claims of players like Eric García, for example, who was another of the names that sounded to keep a Piqué company that is the same as several seasons ago.

Barcelona wants to look for defensive solutions in Liverpool

However, the Matip’s departure, as Jurgen Klopp is dealing with a defensive crisis, after the consecutive injuries of two players of the Liverpool defense and will have to think carefully about whether or not the player’s departure is appropriate.

For its part, Barcelona will make all the necessary effort to take over the player’s services, since it could be one of the most efficient solutions for the Catalan club.

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