Barcelona will open car shows to the public in post-pandemic Europe

  • Fira de Barcelona is working to offer a hybrid exhibition between digital and face-to-face that will make Automobile Barcelona, ​​including vehicle tests, the first face-to-face European fair in the sector.

  • Institutional support and support from Anfac, the manufacturers association, will be crucial so that this year’s edition serves to show the new trend of large shows such as Munich, in September, which will be the second.

The Barcelona international motor show he will not miss his biennial appointment. Not this year either. The Automobile Barcelona will be held from July 8 to 18 with a mixed format, which will include digital presentations but will continue to maintain a significant face-to-face audience. With this, he will become the the first trade fair in the sector in Europe to physically open its doors to visitors after the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The organization of the event already has a safety plan presented and approved by the health authorities (ventilation, spaces, distances, etc.), and the main exhibitors have already confirmed their intention to attend the Montjuïc venue from Fira de Barcelona to show the public your news. In a particularly difficult year on all fronts, Automobile Barcelona will be the starting point from which the sector will have to show its first signs of recovery.

The Shanghai Stele

On 2020 Geneva was the first great world hall that had to close its doorss because of the pandemic. All the others followed: New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Detroit. China was the first country to reopen salons to the public, and a week ago, the Shanghai show attracted more than 800,000 visitors. Barcelona will be the first major continental event. Of September 7 to 12 on IAA (the German motor show) will premiere location in Munich (replaces Frankfurt) will be the second to show news and share them physically with the general public.

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The Barcelona event is sustained by the constant push of the management team led by Enrique Lacalle and the support of the institutions, but above all because of the commitment of the manufacturers who will seek in the Automobile Barcelona the fulcrum for the future. As the president of Seat said, Wayne Griffiths, this Monday in EL PERIÓDICO, “I see the future of the show as positive, if it evolves and changes, yes, of course. It has to be more than a car exhibition, nowadays the digital world is so strong that it is not only necessary to see the first fruits because you see them online, we will have to offer more and offer something that cannot be given digitally, which are experiences. Excitement and entertainment. I would love to close a circuit to test the cars in Montjuïc, it would be incredible. Digitally that cannot be done. “Well, as is. The proposal that Automobile Barcelona meets all these conditions.

The best manufacturers

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Automobile Barcelona will have the support and presence of the vast majority of prestigious manufacturers who have already confirmed their attendance. Whoever wants to be, will be. It is not a room for cowards. The offer is wide. At the meeting, the plans on the electric car bet by the sector and the administrations, converting the Electrification Forum organized by Anfac with all the agents of the sector, in one of the plot lines. In addition, the living room enjoys the label “Exceptional Event of Public Interest” so that brands will be able to compensate via tax relief up to 90% of their expenses in the show. This week they will continue working with Anfac to forge the best offer.

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And yes, how would you like to Wayne Griffiths (and many more) there will be closed events on the asphalt streets of the Montjuïc mountain, an ideal, idyllic environment to take a first impression of each model presented by users. Barcelona is getting ready for an unforgettable rendezvous. If the past Centennial hall was the best in history, the 2021 edition will be the best in the new history of the salons. Confront ideas, share experiences and comment, meet live, face to face, lor better of mobility, electrification and sustainability. The car wants to feel again. Barcelona wants cars, and it will have them.


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