Barcelona wins a banker

  • Jaume Guardiola, who is still the CEO of Banc Sabadell, is a guy with clear ideas that civil society cannot waste

  • “The end of the covid will cause a social and economic euphoria, but this will end as the ‘crash’ of 29”, predicts

The 22nd floor of the Banc Sabadell building, located in the heart of Barcelona’s Diagonal, is one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the city. One can see the Maresme through the window on the sea side and the entire extension of the Collserola mountain range on the other side. And it is there that this Thursday I had the pleasure of talking at length with Jaume Guardiola, the still CEO of this financial institution. Although we live in complex times in all sectors and especially in financial ones, Guardiola will have the expertise to be the only banker capable, after 14 years in the same position, of not going out the back door and of carrying out an exemplary transition . I’m glad to hear that, starting the day after, Guardiola wants to get involved in helping to improve society. He does not rule out collaborating with the Cercle, the Cambra or any platform that works to unblock the moment we are living. For this reason, he would also like to have one foot in Madrid and keep alive that much-needed connection between both parties. That is, I say, in doing what politicians have not been able to build and that they will hardly channel from the result that occurs this Sunday at the polls. Guardiola is a guy with clear ideas that civil society cannot miss. My spirits lift when he predicts that we will soon experience a kind of “happy twenties.” Of course, I return to the harsh reality when the sentence concludes: “The end of the covid will cause a social and economic euphoria, but this will end as the ‘crash’ of 29”. Deep breath.

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Optimistic about the future of Sabadell, he affirms that BBVA did not behave too well in the failed merger process, while warning that the union between Caixabank and Bankia will be a success that will make the other large banks react. He advises me not to invest in bitcoins because it is a risky format that even he does not understand and explains that its investment model is closer to that of the North American investor Warren Buffett. An austere guy who became the third richest man in the world, who continues to live in the same house he bought in 1958 in Omaha (Nebraska) and who in 2006 donated 99% of his fortune to the Bill Gates foundation.

Admiration for Carles Puyol

We end, of course, talking about Barça where he is also willing to collaborate. Yes they ask, of course. Very concerned about the financial situation of the club, he expresses his sincere admiration for Carles Puyol. ‘He was an example on and off the pitch and the only footballer who resigned his last two years of contract “. In short, the bank loses a crack but Catalan society gains an asset. And more so now that it is back on top after overcoming the coronavirus. The same one that its still president, Josep Oliu, also suffered.

The solidarity initiative #YoMeCorono

I leave Sabadell thinking about the world that comes to us, bitcoins, artificial intelligence, big data … Well, I’m going to pay for the parking lot on Calle de Balmes located in front of the bank and they alert me that you can only pay in cash . Cards are not accepted. Insidiousness or backwardness?

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It may interest you

The journalist Laura Duran calls me, who only collaborates and works for good causes and reminds me that it will soon be a year of total confinement. A complicated year and a year in which the solidarity initiative #YoMeCorono was created, created by the actors Natalia Sánchez and Marc Clotet and which has raised more than two and a half million euros intended entirely to fight against covid-19. Anyway, Laura explains to me that to continue the initiative and on the occasion of the first anniversary they have prepared a series of online videos of conversations between personalities and ‘influencers’ to inform citizens about the progress of the investigation. And do you know who participates in the first? Well, Carles Puyol and his partner Vanesa Lorenzo. The two of them together with Dr. Bonventura Clotet who answers their questions in a very cordial talk. Anyway, this Wednesday we will be attentive to that first installment on the #YoMeCorono website.


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