Barley believes only minimal consensus on the post-Brexit agreement is possible

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – The Vice-President of the EU Parliament, Katarina Barley, sees little chance of a trade agreement between the EU and Great Britain that goes beyond a minimum consensus. “It’s getting more and more difficult,” said the SPD politician on Saturday in NDR Info. A narrow agreement on very narrow areas could ultimately be the most face-saving solution. “The fishing will probably stay out.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wanted to show his people that he was in control. “Boris Johnson is always about the internal impact,” said Barley. “And the EU must be the scapegoat.” That is why he is so unyielding that Brussels must move. Brussels is also moving on some issues, but not on others either. The EU will not break the red lines that have long been known in the negotiations. “We don’t want any dumping competition under our noses.”

Johnson had prepared Britain on Friday for a tough break without a contract with the European Union on January 1st. Then the transition period will expire after Great Britain leaves the EU. The EU clearly has no interest in a free trade agreement, said Johnson. Brussels, on the other hand, wants to continue working towards an agreement. A telephone call from negotiators on both sides is expected on Monday. Barley doesn’t think the deadline for a trade deal will be extended./hn/DP/edh


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