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The propaganda machine against a future covid vaccine, which has not yet been approved although there are dozens of trials, has been in place for months. False information about the damage caused by artificial inoculation against SARS-CoV-2 has been spread through social networks. The uncertainty in the absence of a method that immunizes against the new coronavirus has been taken advantage of by anti-vaccine groups to add supporters to a cause, that of not vaccinating, whose only result is the defenselessness of the population against diseases against which there is protection. . These are some of the most widespread hoaxes about the future coronavirus vaccine:

1. The flu vaccine causes covid-19

False. The photo of a man dressed in a green coat and mask holding a sign stating that “SARS-CoV-2 has to do with flu vaccination” and that has circulated on social networks is a montage whose only the end is to misinform. The trick is already hackneyed: pretending that a health worker – by the outfit – tries to alert the population of the lies that the Government spreads about the coronavirus in a scenario that appears to be an operating room. But the supposed operating room could well be the waiting room of any office. And the alleged doctor, who does not identify himself, anyone who has a clothing similar to that of a sanitary.

The poster held by the man in the picture contains at least four lies. In addition to linking deaths from covid-19 with the flu vaccine, something that lacks scientific basis, he affirms that hospitals are empty, that PCR tests to detect positives for coronavirus are not efficient and that masks are harmful to health. All of this is false.

It is not the only hoax that links the flu vaccine with covid-19. The documentary Plandemic (a play on words in English between “plan” and “pandemic”) ensures that “flu vaccines increase by 36% the chances of contracting” the disease caused by the new coronavirus. The protagonist of the documentary, Judy Mikovits, a questioned American doctor in biochemistry, alludes to a scientific study carried out by the United States Army that investigates the relationship between the flu vaccine and the possibility of contracting other respiratory viruses, carried out during the season flu 2017-2018. The study itself concludes that the results do not show that the flu vaccine is related to an increased risk of contracting another virus that affects the respiratory tract.

2. The future vaccine against covid-19 will cause sterility

False. The platform Doctors for Truth, created last July and disseminating various hoaxes about the coronavirus, has recently published a video in which it warns against the dangers of a future vaccine against the disease. One of its members, Dr. María José Martínez Albarracín, has assured that future vaccines may cause sterility to those who are inoculated, an argument that lacks scientific basis. The platform, to which the General Council of Official Associations of Physicians of Spain has opened a file in case its denial of the coronavirus violates articles of the Code of Medical Deontology, has expanded other fallacies such as the dangers of using a mask or the benefits of using the chlorine dioxide to cure covid, which is illegal to use as a medicine in Spain and in other countries.

3. Pneumonia vaccines protect against coronavirus

False. Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs that causes the body not to get all the oxygen it needs. It can be caused by different bacteria or viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. However, the most widespread vaccines to prevent pneumonia, such as pneumococcal or Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib) vaccine, do not protect against the new coronavirus, warns the World Health Organization (WHO), which tries to counter the messages spread through social networks that reported to the contrary.

4. The vaccine damages the human genome

False. The video of an interview with a man who identifies himself as the Argentine doctor “Luis Marcelo Martínez, geneticist and president of the Argentine Society of Medical Genetics”, has spread the hoax that the “new vaccine against covid-19″ tries ” manipulate ”on a massive scale the human genome, a practice that would cause“ irreparable damage ”. Martínez assures that vaccines based on adenovirus vectors, such as the one being developed by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, “try to reproduce sequences of genetic information in the genetic information of the human being”, which could cause “unpredictable damage, transmissible to the offspring ”. The vaccine, however, according to experts, cannot affect genetic information.

5. Killed in Ukraine from vaccine trials

False. The Australian Institute of Strategic Policy has detected how the pro-Russian spread has designed a strategy for anti-vaccine groups in the world to spread lies about the coronavirus vaccine. The institution refers, as an example, to a false document published last July – replicated in different languages ​​in Facebook groups – that pretended to be an official press release of the self-proclaimed people’s – and pro-Russian – republic of Lugansk. It falsely claimed that the United States had tested the vaccine with citizens of the new state and that some of them had died.


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