Launcher Leak Reveals Burning Crusade Classic Releasing June 1st

Burning Crusade Classic will release on June 1st, according to several screenshots shared on reddit, after users reported seeing the advertisement pop-up on the launcher. The images quickly disappeared upon changing tabs or scrolling news, indicating this may have been a case of Blizzard accidentally pushing the article early and removing it upon realizing their mistake, though so far no official confirmation has been made.

Courtesy of Nonbread, mfdaw, and Kawaii Lnrd from Reddit.

This wouldn’t be the first time Blizzard accidentally spoiled things for themselves or accidentally sent out news early, and there are several different variations of the screenshots, which means it’s either real or a very elaborate hoax. Assuming the pictures are real, it’s unclear whether June 1st refers to a prepatch or the official start date, though it’s also entirely possible the image was pulled due to Blizzard deciding it won’t make that date. As of yet, no official confirmation has been given or launch date has been revealed.


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