Nigel Farage had a very lively conflict with BBC animator Andrew Marr in May, later qualifying the interview as "shame". The Brexit leader again criticized Marr on Friday, saying the BBC had since "begged him weekly by e-mail" to reappear. However, the Brexit leader appeared on the Andrew Neil Show of the BBC two days ago. TalkRADIO presenter Dan Wootton asked, "What will you do about the BBC during a possible election campaign?

"Because, in my opinion, most broadcasters continue to treat you with incredible injustice, they continue to treat you as if you were a marginal politician who must be attacked every time you are on the air.

"Will you continue to appear on these programs?"

Mr. Farage replied, "This is a very good question. I appeared on Andrew Marr in the European elections while we were leading the polls in the European elections and I was treated like a war criminal.

"It was just amazing. You would have thought that I was in Nuremberg for something awful that I had done.

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"They ask me every week by e-mail to come back, but I tell them I'm washing my hair.

"I do not think we need the BBC as much as in the past, I think their behavior has been disgusting at all levels, they are totally biased.

"Fortunately, fewer people are watching or listening to them. May this train continue.

Mr. Farage was bumped into the BBC host when he was asked about a statement he made ten years ago about his willingness to privatize the NHS .

Speaking after the interview with Mr. Marr, the Brexit leader claimed that his newly formed party had "something remarkable" that the BBC seems to "want to ignore."

In the Daily Telegraph, he said: "When it comes to talking about the Brexit Party, which has the heart to want to scrutinize this scam sponsored by the Institution, this allegedly experienced journalist cared only about the past.

"It's tragic, really."

However, Rob Burley, the program's editor, has already defended the series of questions.

He said: "Since the beginning of the Brexit Party, he said that it was not just Brexit, but a party aimed at reshaping politics. We asked him whether this would respect his known positions on non-Brexit issues. "

A spokesman for the BBC told "The BBC is an unbiased news agency used by eight out of every 10 British adults each week." Mr. Farage's interview with Andrew Marr was fair and solid, like all politicians show. "