BBC’s David Dimbleby slams ‘the liar’ Boris Johnson as ‘arrogant and unreliable’

David Dimbleby injured Boris Johnson, declaring him “arrogant” and “liar” in a brutal interview.

The 82-year-old former Question Time host said that the Prime Minister “lies everywhere”, including his family, and said that “nobody” trusts him.

The BBC veteran’s comments come when the Tories consider demolishing the canon in a total war against society.

Dimbleby said that the ongoing attacks by leader Tory on the bee are motivated by the desire to avoid control.

He described Johnson’s behavior towards the broadcaster as “childish, anguished and unpleasant”.

And he said that Mr. Johnson is imitating Donald Trump, taking inspiration from the president’s “political regulation” on how to deal with the media.

The BBC stalwart also hammered Dominic Cummings, Mr. Johnson’s closest adviser, who is widely regarded as driving No 10’s hostility to the BBC.

Dimbleby said that Boris Johnson is intimidating Donald Trump on how to deal with the media

In an interview with the German broadcaster ARD, Dimbleby said: “The dangerous road that they (the government) are using is to say that the license fee is wrong or unfair.

“I don’t think it’s wrong or unfair.

“It is a way of harming and weakening the BBC that is dangerous and should be strongly resisted if public broadcasts are to survive.”

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The Daily Mail reports that a full transcript of the interview showed Mr. Dimbleby that Mr. Johnson was “warming up” some of Trump’s attitudes.

He added: “Nobody trusts Boris Johnson. Who can trust Boris Johnson?

“He lies everywhere for everyone. He lies to his family. He does it alone, you know.”

The broadcaster said Johnson’s government was not concerned with reporting objectively and was unwilling to be investigated because “they are arrogant with power.”


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