Behind the sandstorm, by Enric Juliana

Verónica Fumanal has described quite well what is behind the sandstorm: “The political headline of the year is that the pandemic does not take the government ahead.”

(Verónica Fumanal, graduated in Political Science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​with good friends at the PSC, was the communication advisor for Pedro Sanchez from his victory in the PSOE primaries in 2014 to the defenestration of the Socialist General Secretary in September 2016, after he stubbornly refused to support the investiture of Mariano Rajoy .

The political news of the year is that, thanks to Germany, the pandemic does not overtake Sánchez

Fumanal alerted Sánchez that the vote of a young generation that was very frustrated by the 2008 crisis and that had broken with traditional parties was at stake. He had previously advised Albert Rivera , when it was trying to promote itself as the freshest product on the market.

Evicted and without means, Sánchez won the 2017 primaries again thanks to his determination and, let’s say it all, thanks to the incorrigible arrogance of the old guard of the PSOE, who wanted to humiliate him. The man everyone considered the loser was in tune with the spirit of the times. Many veteran socialist militants were fed up with arguing at home with their children, Podemos voters. Pablo Iglesias He did not see the victory for Sánchez coming; deep down, I would have preferred to win Susana diaz . The unruly spirit of Podemos won in the PSOE, but the management remained in the hands of Sánchez, who is not a leftist. This information should be kept in mind to know what will come after the approval of the budgets.

Withdrawal Fumanal, the resurrected hired Ivan Redondo , which is not a leftist either.)

The government that had to die charred this fall, holds on. Sánchez has a story for the coming years thanks to the reaction of Germany, which could not afford the economic and social collapse of Spain, Portugal and Italy at a crucial time for the future of the Union. Without Brexit, without Trumpism and without the threat of complete Chinese hegemony, things would have turned out differently.

There will be budgets, legislature, vaccines, and a very possibly recovery, starting in the spring. This is the news. And to the extent that this is the news, we are witnessing a phenomenal clamor to determine what place the different political, social and economic actors will occupy in the recovery. Today there is already a fight for the spring relationship of forces, after being examined in the uncertain Catalan elections in February.

A procession of 140,000 million euros goes through the sandstorm as if it were the Santa Compaña.

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