Belgian Princess Esmeralda was arrested during climate change protests in London, organizers said.

She is one of the 1,290 people snatched from the street by the police then Extinguish Rebellion try to close London for fifteen days.

Princess Esmeralda's police release letter was shared by Extinction Rebellion Camden on Twitter
Princess Esmeralda's police release letter was shared by Extinction Rebellion Camden on Twitter

In a tweet, the Camden branch of the organizers said the princess had been taken to the Camden Police Station.

They showed a letter addressed to him, with a police custody number, which stated: "I understand that I was released without charge".

She also said that the police might need to talk to her again and that she remains under investigation and that "the case is not over".

Princess Esmeralda was born in Stuyvenberg Castle in Brussels and is the aunt of Belgian King Philippe. She is thought to live in London and works as a journalist, author and documentary filmmaker.

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More about Extinction Rebellion

She tweeted: "… with many other protesters, I was arrested and placed in custody." The climate emergency is calling us all to put pressure on governments to make sure that we are not in trouble. they act urgently. "

The police have spent the past few days trying to clear protesters from London's main roads.

On Tuesday, officers used scissors to cut people off tents along Whitehall. Police moved people to Trafalgar Square, but those who refused to move were arrested and taken to the police station.

This morning, a former Paralympic cyclist appeared in court and denied taking a British Airways jet and sticking to it.

James Brown, 55, is charged with causing a public nuisance during the incident at London Airport.

He was released on bail and prevented from going to a British airport. He is scheduled to appear at Southwark Crown Court for trial on November 8.

This afternoon, nearly 50 health professionals wearing scrubs, face masks and stethoscopes gathered outside Shell's headquarters in London, calling on the oil and gas company to become a leader in decarbonisation.

The doctors plan to travel to Trafalgar Square with 40,000 pairs of shoes, which represents the number of people who would have died prematurely because of polluted air.

It was announced today that 100 additional officers would be sent from Scotland to London to help the Metropolitan Police manage the protests that will take place over the next few weeks.

Scottish police insist that the reclassification will not affect their ability to protect the public in Scotland.

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