Belkin Introduces New MagSafe Charger and Integrated Search Headphones

The CES in Las Vegas was held this year virtually because of the coronavirus and Belkin has been very busy. Just present two new very interesting accessories. The first is a new 2-in-1 wireless charger with MagSafe for the iPhone 12. And the other is also wireless headphones that integrate with Apple’s Search app.

Boost Up Charge Pro: 2-in-1 charger with a MagSafe mount


The wireless charger Boost Up Charge Pro Belkin’s is easier to explain than its own name suggests. It is a charger without cables that allows you to fit an iPhone 12 in its holder and, at the same time, charge AirPods with a wireless case on its base.

As can be seen from the photos, Belkin has combined the cargo with the bracket. Thus, it raises the terminal to a considerable height for this type of accessories and places it at a certain angle. This makes it very interesting to leave it placed on a desk, since in this way we can unlock it with Face ID without problems.

It uses the MagSafe wireless connector, released by Apple in the iPhone 12. So is exclusive to these models and (we understand) the successive ones. And as an addition, it can be placed both vertically and horizontally. Which allows it to be used both for video calls and to watch movies and series (although this may be more uncomfortable).

This is the second MagSafe charger launched by Belkin, which in recent years is very close to apple products

It comes in two colors: black and white. Its price is $ 99.95, about 50 less than the base 3 in 1 Boost Charge Pro with MagSafe introduced a few months ago. Its launch is scheduled for March or April of this year.

SoundForm Freedom Headphones with Search Network Integration


We introduced a new program that allows customers to locate their products using the vast Search network. With hundreds of millions of Apple devices around the world, advanced end-to-end encryption, and industry-leading security, users can find their items within the Find app with the peace of mind that their privacy is protected.

So presents Apple opening its network Search for other manufacturers to take advantage of it on their devices. And Belkin has been one of the first (the first, probably) to integrate it into your SoundForm Freedom headphones. The manufacturer itself highlights privacy and operation with the Search app.

Look for
Look for

Otherwise, these headphones offer a very similar look to the AirPods. They have a Qi wireless charging case, 20 additional hours of autonomy at 8 o’clock they have the headphones loose. They are of type in-ear, so they provide certain annulment Sound.

AirPods Max, analysis: strong in every way

Offers 15-minute fast charging for 2 hours of playtime and has IPX5 resistance for sweat and splashes. Their availability is also in March or April, although we do not know the price at which they will be sold.

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