Belkin recalls its 2-in-1 charger sold by Apple due to fire hazard

Belkin charger

A couple of years ago there was a fire in a floor of my building. We had a huge scare, but thanks to the quick action of the firefighters the fire only affected the floor where the flames originated.

The cause of the fire was the overheating of a battery in a mountain bike lantern that the neighbor left charging while he went out to dinner with his wife. Belkin has detected a fault in a model of his chargers that can cause overheating when used, and he is quickly removing it from the Apple Stores.

Is a reality. A malfunction of a charger can cause more current than it can withstand to the battery of the device it is charging, producing a overheating excessive with the risk of fire that this entails.

The well-known accessory manufacturer Belkin has detected that this can occur in a specific model of its range of chargers, and has quickly withdrawn it from Apple stores and from its online sale.

It is the two-in-one wireless charger model «Stand Special Edition WIZ003«, As reported by Belkin in its web.

The manufacturer will refund the amount to all affected users. Explains that the fault is caused by a manufacturing defect in the power supply unit, which can cause the device to overheat excessively.

It ensures that there have been no cases of fire or injuries to users. Are units sold between July and October 2020. The serial numbers of the defective units are between the ranges 35B01DO6029400-35B01DO6033704, 35B01DO5010350-35B01DO5014350, 35B01DO6016560-35B01DO6020560, 35B01DO5014500-35B01DO5020003, 35B01DO601000601-35B01500 and 35B01DO35DO01501-35B01500

Affected users can request a refund of the amount paid and get more information on the site web from Belkin. You can also get more information at web from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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