Belsport takes control of Reifschneider, one of Apple’s main distributors in Chile

One of the main distributors o premium reseller Apple in our country, Reifschneider, has a new owner. It is about Yáneken, retail company that controls stores such as Belsport, Bold, Oakley and others in our country, and that it will now take control of the operations and assets of this company.

During last week, The National Economic Prosecutor’s Office gave the go-ahead for this transaction to be carried outThis after an investigation period started on March 22, where Belsport and Reifschneider entered a requirement indicating the intention to purchase by the former.

The purchase agreement committed the transfer of the main assets of Reifschneider, which includes the 18 stores nationwide – along with its facilities, equipment, inventory and leasing contracts -, the e-commerce site, and the Reifschneider and ReifStore brand.

Thus, Belsport – together with Yáneken – ventures into the field of technology, a totally different industry to which they are commonly related, which is clothing and sports shoes.

Most importantly: What will happen to the distribution of Apple products?

Reifscheider (ReifStore) and MacOnline are the main two premium reseller of Apple in our country, so, naturally, the question immediately jumps as to whether there will be changes in relation to the distribution of their products.

The answer is: no, there will be no change. Belsport has already reached an agreement with Apple to continue distributing the brand’s products, maintaining the same conditions that Reifschneider had before this agreement.

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