Benjamín Hites triumphs in the GT World Challenge of Europe in Barcelona

The first victory was obtained this Sunday in the GT World Challenge in Europe by Chilean Benjamin Hites (Fiat-Akka ASP), along with his French partner Jim Pla, during the sixth date of the contest in the Silver category, which in turn was the final of the Sprint Cup at the Catalunya racetrack in Barcelona. This is the 21-year-old’s third podium this season, who debuted 80 days ago in one of the fastest and most competitive races on the planet.

On Sunday in Barcelona, ​​the national participated in two races. He won the first in the Silver series and took fourth place in the second with the Frenchman Jim Pla. Previously, on Saturday 10, they had achieved second place in one of the best races of the Chilean, who was highlighted by the specialized critic of the European tournament. Likewise, after the Sprint Cup, Hites-Pla finished in fifth place with 66.5 points and only 6 of the second. The champions were the French Simon Gachet and Steven Palette (Audi) with 108.5.

This Sunday, October 11, Hites started from 6th position in its Silver category (17th Overall). The car had brake problems and was understeer. However, from the start he advanced to 2nd (11th) in the half hour that he ran. Then came the relief of Jim Pla, who would go to the top in Silver (8th overall) to keep that place until the end and with it the first win with his Chilean teammate. With this victory, Hites-Pla conquer the third podium. Before they were third in Magny-Cours (France) and second in Barcelona last Saturday in Race 1.

“We closed a great weekend with two podiums in a row in a stage of learning and adding experience, just as I had planned. We are in a good position in the ranking (5th) and a few points behind the second. I hope next year to be higher. I finish the Sprint Cup with a lot of good feelings and with a lot of learning. ”, Explained the driver who represents the Fiat colors.

The GT World Challenge is one of the fastest series in world motorsport, whose cars border the 300 kilometers per hour on the straights. It was a risky bet for Hites to join that segment of such well-known brands as Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, Audi, Lexus, Ferrari and Bentley.

To reach that exclusive world of pure speed in bodied cars, ehe team of the capital pilot split the contacts and conversations in the middle of 2019, when Benjamin was running in parallel in the Top Race Series in Argentina and the Ferrari Challenge in North America. In December he tested cars from different factories on different circuits in Europe, deciding on the AMG of the French team Akka ASP, of which he had the best offer.

Thus began the life of the 21-year-old boy who wanted to run with the number 33 in honor of the 33 miners of the San José mine, just as it had done in Argentina and the United States. But he failed his purpose. That number was reserved by the German brothers Jusuf and Hamza Owega. He finally got the one the team offered him: # 89.

The Hites team’s plan in the GT World Challenge Europe is three years. The purpose is to add experience and kilometers in the Silver series for young and talented drivers, and then move up to PRO. For now he is in a process of maturing as a professional driver, he is getting to know the inside of the team, the cars and his teammates in Sprint and Endurance.

Although the Sprint Cup ended, the tournament will continue with the Endurance Cup on October 22 and 25 with the 24 Hours of Spa (Belgium), corresponding to the seventh date of the GT World Challenge.

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