Bentley abandons gasoline engines, necessary sacrifice or end of the brand?

Electric Bentleys will be a reality from approximately 2025 and Bentley’s goal to abandon gasoline engines shortly after. Is it a necessary sacrifice? ¿It will be the end of the brand? Must they be very worried? The truth is, my opinion is quite positive about it.

Electric cars are here to stay and they have some good points. It is true that the thrill of driving is lost, that they weigh more and that despite their performance, that a good sound does not accompany it is not the most exciting. However, think about what I just said and associate it with a Bentley. Thrill of driving? Weight problems? Engine sound?

An electric Bentley makes perfect sense

And is that in a Bentley, the thrill of driving is not important, they are luxury cars to enjoy their atmosphere and refinement. The weight is not a problem either, since today they already weigh a lot and the sound of the engine? The lower the better. An electric car will offer Bentley more refinement, better performance and more respect for the environment.

So what Bentley ditch gasoline engines I do not think it is neither a sacrifice nor much less the end of the brand, on the contrary. I believe that Bentley electric cars can give a new look to the British brand, will allow them to work in larger and more luxurious rooms, more elegant designs and something very important: they will improve the brand image.

Today, no one who respects the planet a little and is aware of climate change would buy a Bentley. They couldn’t be more inefficient: a truck weight and a super polluting gasoline engine. With the move towards electricity, they can also conquer a whole universe of potential customers who until now said no. The electrification of brands like Bentley or Rolls-Royce I think it will be a blessing for them!

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