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Bentley is surely laughing

Until now, manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini and Maserati, which were thought to be unrelated until then, have all added ultra-high-priced SUVs to the lineup, but the pioneer is Bentley, in “Bentayga” is there. It’s very courageous to do what no one else did first, and you have to be prepared for some criticism and negative views. Immediately after the announcement of Bentayga, there were many reactions such as “Is it really okay?”, But Bentley must be laughing while looking at the current SUV market.Bentley Bentayga new V8 model

In the first place, Bentley is a manufacturer that has engraved the word “pioneer” in its history. The founder, Walter Owen Bentley, is widely known as a pioneering engineer for British cars, and he has actively participated in the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race as a test field for mass-produced cars from the beginning, and GT = GranTurismo. Bentley was the first to embody the concept. Therefore, it may be inevitable that Bentley was the first to release an ultra-high-priced SUV.

Design that feels the British style and the future direction of Bentley

Bentley Bentayga new V8 modelBentley Bentayga new V8 model

The concept model called “EXP 9 F”, which was unveiled at the 2012 Geneva show, was the origin of Bentayga. Even though it is a concept model, the details are almost completed, and although it was ready to be released as Bentayga, I remember thinking that I wanted to check the reaction of the market for the time being, in front of the actual car at the venue. There is. At the time of official announcement in September 2015, it was equipped with only the W12 twin turbo engine, but later V8 and hybrid were also added. Currently in Japan, the V8-equipped model Bentayga and the W12-equipped model “Bentayga Speed” are on sale, and the “Bentayga Hybrid” will be added later.

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Bentayga, which has been on the market for more than five years, underwent a so-called minor change last year. By unifying the design language with “Continental GT” and “Flying Spur”, the aim is to strengthen the brand power of the Bentley family. The matrix grille that impresses Bentayga’s face is not only larger than the conventional type, but also modified to an angle close to vertical, further emphasizing the feeling of extrusion and the atmosphere like “dignity”. ..Bentley Bentayga new V8 modelBentley Bentayga new V8 model

The front and rear lights are oval, but the rear claims a connection with the Continental GT, while Bentayga is the first to adopt an oval headlight, and maybe the Continental GT and Flying Spur will be on the right in the future. unknown. In addition, the rear tread has been expanded by 20 mm, probably because it accommodates wheels up to 22 inches, giving it a styling that further enhances the feeling of treading on the hind legs.Bentley Bentayga new V8 modelBentley Bentayga new V8 model

In the interior, the center console / seat / door trim has been revamped, and the space around the knees of the rear seats for 4-seater is 30 mm wider during normal operation and 100 mm wider during reclining. Infotainment, the fastest-evolving car equipment, has also been updated with a 10.9-inch high-definition touch screen. The wood panels and genuine leather are as beautiful as ever to sigh. Personally, I think Bentley is more of an interior production that feels more British tradition and style than Rolls-Royce, which is now much more modernized.

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Stable comfort and EV-class quietness The impact of the Porsche-led platform is significant

Bentley Bentayga new V8 modelBentley Bentayga new V8 model

The test drive was a model equipped with a V8 twin turbo that generates 550ps / 770Nm, and was equipped with the optional “Dynamic Ride System”. This is a so-called electric stabilizer, in which the electric actuator changes the spring constant of the front and rear stabilizers according to the situation. When a normal stabilizer is installed, the movement in the roll direction is mainly suppressed, but the ride quality tends to deteriorate, so it is this mechanism that can keep a mild ride while suppressing the movement on the spring when cornering. It is a feature. It uses a 48V power supply to operate because it can quickly operate actuators that are more powerful than 12V.Bentley Bentayga new V8 modelBentley Bentayga new V8 model

This control is great, with just the face value handling and ride comfort. When the steering is turned, the cornering force rises, and although the upper part should tilt to the out side, it is hardly felt, and the body shows the behavior of turning while keeping almost horizontal. In this case, the height of the center of gravity is hardly felt, and the body size with a total length of 5 m or more and a wheelbase of about 3 m seems to be smaller than it actually is. Ride quality was less dependent on speed, and a certain level of comfort was maintained from beginning to end. The Dynamic Ride System debuted with the Continental GT, but the Bentayga is more effective.Bentley Bentayga new V8 model (3,996cc / 550ps / 770Nm)Bentley Bentayga new V8 model (3,996cc / 550ps / 770Nm)

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The V8 twin turbo is like a motor in a nutshell. When you step on the throttle pedal, the torque rises instantly, and the feeling that it continues smoothly without interruption is different from the power delivery of the internal combustion engine that we are rubbing in, and it makes you feel as if you are riding an EV. The more you fall. The misunderstanding that it is an EV must also be due to its extremely quietness.

The platform, which is said to have been developed by Porsche, also shares “Cayenne”, “Urus” and “Q8” as you know. Even with the same ingredients, different chefs have different tastes for the dishes served on the plate, so Bentayga had the unmistakable Bentley taste and ride even though it was dressed as an SUV.Bentley Bentayga New V8 model (Shintaro Watanabe)Bentley Bentayga New V8 model (Shintaro Watanabe)

■ 5 star rating
Package: ★★★★★
Interior: ★★★★★
Power source: ★★★★
Footwork: ★★★★
Recommendation level: ★★★★

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