Bentley details the engine of its Mexican-inspired car

The British brand Bentley introduced the powertrain for the first time W12 TSI de 6.0 liters in the distant year 2003, and over the years it has increased its power by 27 percent, while the torque figures have grown by 38 percent, which means that it is now capable of producing 650 horsepower.

Currently, the firm is using this configuration in Bacalar. The construction process of each of these blocks involves an approximate of six hours and involves the participation of 45 artisans.

Thanks to several iterations the engine improvements have been successful. The crankcase has been reinforced by 30 percent, the cylinder surfaces have been coated in order to avoid friction, while the cooling systems have been improved, with the aim of including three separate cooling circuits, among other things.

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To ensure quality and performance in its powertrains, Bentley performs a test series before incorporating them into cars. The first involves checking for leaks by pressurizing the water, oil, and antifreeze systems, one at a time, to determine how slowly or quickly the pressure drops.

As a second test, the firm runs a cold test. In this process, the brand attaches an electric motor to the crankcase within 15 minutes, and its goal is for Bentley technicians to measure 600 individual properties to find minor abnormalities, which are not detectable if the engine is running.

The final test is a hot test, which simulates the use of Powertrain In the real world. Using an ultraviolet fluid in the motor, the team starts it up and runs it while technicians listen to any refinement issues that may arise, as well as checking for any leaks.

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Most of these W12 blocks go through a short test lasting around 21 minutes and 30 secondsHowever, one in a hundred engines is selected for a full test, which lasts about 8 hours.


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