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The “rotation display,” which is also a technical icon of modern Bentley. It can be selected as an option for the current Continental GT series and Flying Spur.

Natural wood capping continuous with the dash panel on each side of the sideways triangular prism. Round analog meter with triple dial. And this system, which incorporates a liquid crystal panel for infotainment and can be rotated arbitrarily, tends to be perceived as a gimmick at first glance. However, in fact, it should be seen as a product of the “specialty” unique to British luxury cars or sporty car brands.

The Continental GT family, the latest and greatest grand tourer in the world. And it is natural that both the latest and highest-end prestige saloon, Flying Spur, have a state-of-the-art infotainment system, and for that purpose, a large LCD monitor that also functions as a touch panel is placed in the center of the dash panel. Is essential.

However, it is a proud UK to interrupt the tradition of Bentley interior, “wraparound”, which uses wood capping to surround the entire interior, not only the dash panel but also the upper part of the left and right doors. It doesn’t fit Bentley’s pride, which has been the guardian of the coach-building tradition. I remember that the former Arnage monitor was also stored in the dashboard.

Also, I don’t want to lose the instrument panel that seems to be a good old sports car, with Bentley’s identity, which originated in the era of the founder WO Bentley, and the analog meter of the beautiful dial (dial) inlaid on the wood panel like an inlay. It seems that the rotation display was devised for such a little greedy Bentley enthusiast.

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And the starting point for this unique idea would be the spirit of the British understatement. The aesthetic sense of the Englishman, who respects the understated beauty that is not too gorgeous, is considered to be the greatest motivation for realizing the only rotation display in the world.

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