A Freedom of Information request from Express.co.uk also revealed public monies paid for a Christmas tree in Mr. Bercows Grace Residence in the Commons. In addition, £ 1,000 went into the repair of doors in the house where Mr. Bercow and his family have lived for ten years. On the FOI request filed by MailOnline, details of the maintenance costs at the resident's residence during the last 16 months were requested.

It is believed that Mr. Bercow – who earns more than £ 150,000 – has not spent any more on rent at Speaker's House since 2009 with Ms. Sally and her three children.

A nanny has lived in the self-contained apartment on the property.

However, it remains unclear whether she still does.

The FOI's response indicates that a company received GBP 490.78 in February as a replacement for a so-called "superfluous" washing machine.

The invoice dated 19 February 2019 states: "Remove the superfluous washing machine from Speakers nannies and lay them flat and scrapped.

"Deliver and install a new Hotpoint washing machine and get it up and running."

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"Please also note that this may not include work done on a larger schedule, such as: B. Improvements in fire safety systems, as these costs are not shared across different areas. "

Mr. Bercow was an outstanding figure in the Brexit saga, which repeatedly caused the wrath of the Brexiters.

For example, he violated the convention in January by allowing a vote on an amendment by former Attorney-General Dominic Grieve to a government proposal for business.

Mr Grieve's amendment required that Prime Minister Theresa May submit an application for proposed alternative plans within three days if her Brexit deal was rejected by Parliament.

The FOI's response led John O'Connell, CEO of the TaxPayers & # 39; Alliance, to caustic observations.

He said, "Since the spokesman claims his nanny's new washing machine, taxpayers will believe they were hung up to dry.

"Given the number of public events taking place in the residence, a few reasonable repairs are adequate enough.

"But after being chosen after the cost scandal to restore confidence, the speaker should not, without a word of explanation, kick out taxpayers' cash for the latest mod-cons."

"If he wants to end what he started and avoid leaving a legacy of greater magnitude, the speaker would do well to listen to the public's concerns and deal more cautiously with taxpayers' hard-earned money."

A lower house, speaking in the absence of Bercov's official spokeswoman, declined to comment on the story.