Although not as numerous as the full version, the beta of Call of Duty Modern Warfare still has plenty of weapons, and we're happy to advise you which weapons are the best.

The Modern Warfare Beta It's packed with weapons that players can try before the game's full release on October 25th.

There are a total of 40 cannons players can use to build classes, including nine assault rifles, six machine guns, four shotguns, four machine guns, three Marskman rifles, three sniper rifles, five handguns and four launchers.

However, there are only a handful of those currently available, as the levels that must be reached to unlock most weapons exceed the current level limit set at 10 for the first day of the beta.

That said, here are the best weapons for each class from the first day of the beta.

Assault rifles – M4A1

Infinity Ward

The M4A1 is the first assault rifle you unlock in beta.

While one of the standard classes includes the highly secure FR 5.56 rifle from three ARs that can be unlocked before level 10, the M4A1 is certainly the rifle with the highest power.

Because of its versatility, it can be used for long, medium and short distances, so players with fast response times can use it as both AR and SMG in one device.

As far as the competition is concerned, they are not really close to each other because the AK47 has too much recoil and the M13 does not do enough damage

SMGs – MP5

Infinity Ward

The MP5 can be used in both the near and mid range.

There are only two SMGs available under level 10 and there is no doubt that the MP5 stands out more than the MP7.

Both can shred close up, but the recoil of the MP7 makes it unpredictable and harder to use at mid range, while the MP5 is sturdy enough to be self-confidently used by players after shootings at close range.

Shotguns – Model 680

At first glance, the 725 offers better scores in every category than the 680 model, with the exception of damage, mobility and control. The biggest drawback of the 725, however, is that it only has two balls in its chamber.

The Model 680 still does a lot of damage, and its larger clip size is probably worth having that greater range or accuracy that's not really important to a shotgun.

Infinity Ward

The 680 model is pretty reliable as long as you do not shoot from too far away.

Handguns – .50 GS

The GS is the obvious choice when it comes to handguns.

There is no question that the .50 GS is a much more viable option than the M19, which has less damage and range, even if it provides more control. As far as semi-automatic pistols are concerned, the GS is the most powerful on the market, and that depends on the game itself.

When it comes to LMGs and sniper rifles, beta players have little choice on the first day as the only weapons available are the M91 and the AX-50.

However, taking into account last month's 2v2 Gunfight Alpha mode for which a whole range of weapons were available, some weapons are likely to be included in this list once they are available for unlock.

The above-mentioned FR 5.56 AR and AUG SMG are two that are available in the standard classes and have proved to be very strong options.

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