Biden denies he will resume construction of Trump’s border wall

PRESIDENT Joe Biden has denied reports that his administration will resume construction of former President Donald Trump’s wall on the southern border of the United States.

On Wednesday, Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, told reporters: “We don’t think the wall is an answer. We have never believed [que] the wall is a response to address the challenges, the challenges of immigration at the border.

“That is why we propose investments in smart border security, why we promote what we see as 21st century solutions for border management, and why we believe we should build a functional immigration system,” he continued. “There is an ongoing review of more or less where this funding was allocated and where it was not, but it is currently on hiatus.”

Last week there was speculation that the Biden administration would resume construction after Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, said that despite the president’s priority to cancel construction, work can still be done in some areas to fill the “ gaps ”remaining in the barrier.

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Mayorkas mentioned “particular projects that need to be completed”, which included “gaps”, “gates” and locations “where the wall is complete, but the technology has not been implemented.”

Psaki explained that even though construction of Trump’s wall stopped when Biden took office, there are some funds that have already been set aside and that the current administration seeks to work within these laws.

“Even though construction is still on hold, there is an ongoing review, which looks at the funds that have been allocated,” explained the White House press secretary.

“The funds that were diverted from military construction projects and other purposes towards the wall, that was something that we, of course, did not support,” he added. “There are some components of the wall that had already been assigned – the financing to continue building, given by Congress – so we work with what is permissible.”

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On his first day in office, Biden vowed to stop all taxpayer funding for the border wall, which he called a “waste of money” and bad immigration policy.

The decision met with resistance from Republicans, who saw it as a threat to border security at a time when immigration was reaching new all-time highs.

Last week, Chad Wolf, a former acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security during the Trump administration, said that, in his view, the Biden administration is under “immense pressure” to refocus on the wall.

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“The men and women of the [Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza] and the Border Patrol pleads with the heads of the Department of Homeland Security and the White House to finish sections of that border wall system, “Wolf told Fox News.

But Psaki refuted such claims on Wednesday and reiterated that “the president does not believe that [construir más un muro] be a way to address our immigration challenges at the border. ” N


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