Biden goes that flies

MIAMI, Florida.- Before serving his first month as president, Joe Biden sent Congress a rescue plan at the height of the worst economic and social crisis since 1929: he will save companies, people and, above all, children.

He sent the most ambitious immigration plan that has been presented since the presidency of Ronald Reagan, and buried Trump’s Remain in Mexico.

He also returned to the Paris Agreement on climate change, with concrete commitments.

He returned to the Atlantic alliance with a global security approach that erased with a stroke of the pen the “United States is first” of his predecessor.

And his first tour outside of Washington could not have been more symbolic: he visited the Pfizer plant in Michigan, as a sign of accelerating the production of vaccines that is, in the end, what will save or end his presidency.

Biden, a professional politician, a humanist in his early 80s who is moving fast to repair the damage done to this country by a populist and ignorant president named Donald Trump.

This week Congress will discuss the plan against the crisis, for 1.9 billion dollars. It is striking in the emphasis placed on childhood.

It will put 9.9 million children living in households that do not have enough to feed them every day above the poverty line.

This is a drastic expansion of the Child Tax Credit (it is not direct money, but a reduction in the taxable base for each minor child), available for 27 million children.

It will also lift 1.1 million infants out of extreme poverty, raising family income above 50 percent of the poverty line, explained Chuck Marr, chief director of Federal Fiscal Policy.

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In this country, according to census data from November-December last year, between eight and 12 million children cannot be fed daily by their parents because they cannot afford it. That effect of the crisis ends this year.

There will be credits and support with special emphasis on cashiers, supervisors and workers for retail sales; nursing, psychiatry and home care assistants; chefs; child care workers; Miscellaneous agricultural workers: food preparation workers; medical and paramedical assistants; bus drivers; butchers and meat, poultry and fish processing workers; dishwasher; food preparation and service workers, including fast food workers, among others.

In total, 53 million 594 thousand workers. Plus the unemployed (10 million), citizens in general and companies will have fiscal support and direct money. Health care coverage will also be expanded, once Biden’s plan is approved, if it passes Republican customs in the Senate.

On Thursday, the immigration reform bill that will regularize the stay of 11 million illegal immigrants in this country entered Congress.

It will apply to all those who have entered the United States before January 1, 2021 (thus avoiding the encouragement of new migrant caravans).

The dreamers, most of them born in Mexico, will be able to finish their studies and stay here, without the shock of a possible deportation at any dawn.

It is not something minor. It is deeply human.

With that measure I remembered a poem that I once read in the Lebanese Center (by Jalil Gibrán?): “Father, why did you leave your homeland? No son, I did not abandon my country, I only made it bigger so that you can sleep peacefully ”. The dreamers now they can sleep peacefully.

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The Remain in Mexico policy imposed by Donald Trump for asylum seekers was revoked and, since Friday, they have gradually begun to enter the United States to manage their situation.

The Wall Street Journal On the weekend he published a moving report with photographs and testimonies of Africans and Central Americans who lined up to enter San Diego: “Cristian Antonio Reyes was sleeping on the sidewalk with his wife and four children. The Honduran family has been in Tijuana for four months ”. They are over, little by little.

The United States returned to the Paris Agreement on climate change on recent Friday, and Trump’s executive orders began to be reversed, in order to control gas, oil and coal emissions. Biden pledged to change the current version of electrical grids and transportation systems, plus green infrastructure works that will cost $ 2 trillion, and thus lower fossil fuel pollution.

Why does he do this?

Because these emissions are altering the planet’s climate: droughts, floods, hurricanes are increasing …

Biden was at the Munich Annual Security (virtual) Conference on Friday, which marked the end of Trump’s “America First” and isolated his country, leaving the field open to Chinese and Russian totalitarianism.

He returned to his historical allies to whom he said: “The United States is back, the transatlantic alliance is back,” and set an agenda: save the nuclear agreement with Iran, face the challenges posed by China and Russia, and repair the damage caused by the Covid.

It was well received, but it will not be easy to resume the leadership left by Trump: Merkel has intensified exchanges with China (where Germany exports a large part of its automotive production) and Macron seeks to keep the place occupied by France in the European concert, without hegemony U.S.

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Up to Portage, Michigan, it was Joe Biden on Air Force One, to personally supervise the work of the Pfizer plant, from where the first doses of the vaccine that is distributed in the United States left, one of which entered his right arm.

Without bowing to the pandemic there is no possible recovery or a lasting presidency.

In the last 14 days, new cases have decreased 44 percent and deaths from Covid have decreased by 39 percent.

At the beginning of the summer, the coronavirus will cease to be a pandemic in the United States, say Johns Hopkins scientists.

This is how it is governed, Biden seems to say in the run-up to his tenure.

And so people are taken away from populism, we must add.

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