Biden honors the victims of the covid by reaching 500,000 dead

Nobody imagined a year ago, when the first deaths from covid in the United States were registered in February 2020, that the toll today would be so high: 500,000, and adding up.

On that date, then-President Donald Trump claimed to have “everything under control”, with his contempt for science and the impact of contagion. He did not want to see a reality in election year that destroyed the sand castle that had been built.

Experts warn that victory should not be claimed against a possible fourth wave and its mutations

In contrast to his allergy to offer comfort, his successor, Joe Biden, paid tribute on Monday to those who fell from the pandemic when the figure of half a million dead was reached, a global record, with a fifth of the 2.4 million dead in the world.

Various images have been used to illustrate the magnitude of the tragedy and the symbolism of that nightmare figure. Except in the civil war (750,000 dead), no other warfare killed so many Americans.

One of the most clarifying simulations was offered by the The Washington Post . He did a calculation and, with normal-size buses, 50 passengers plus the driver, it would take 9,804 vehicles to fit all those who have breathed their last. The caravan would stretch 152 kilometers.

His predecessor rejected the mask and turned it into a party pronouncement

Accompanied by the first lady, Jill Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband, President Biden remembered the disappeared, to whom a moment of silence and the lighting of candles were dedicated on the south porch of the White House.

Biden refuses to claim victory and urges to follow the advice of the experts. His predecessor rejected the mask and turned it into a party pronouncement. Its politicization could lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans, according to Francis Collins, director of the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Instead, the mask is a hallmark of the new administration. Anthony Fauci, the epidemiologist at the forefront of this fight with one government and the other, believes the mask will be necessary until at least 2022.

Despite the acceleration of deaths in the last month, some 100,000, the tragic peak occurs when hope arises. The country has more than 28.1 million infected. But new cases have fallen sharply and steadily, deaths are slowing and vaccination – more than 63 million doses have been administered – is beginning to pick up a good pace.

God willing that next Christmas will be different from this past “

Joe Biden, president of EE.UU.

In the last two weeks, the positives, with an average of 66,000, have fallen by 40% and more than 70% in relation to the peak in January. Daily positive tests are in the lowest range since October. The number of hospitalized (56,000 this Sunday) has fallen to the level of November.

Many think that the worst is over, but not a few scientists warn about the fourth wave. The UK and South African variants have already been detected and there is a fear of mutations. Schools and businesses continue to suffer or are closed. “God grant that next Christmas will be different from this past,” Biden pleaded. However, he did not dare to compromise on anything.

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