Biden manages to reunite four families separated from their children by Trump

Four years after Donald Trump decided to separate migrant children arriving in the United States from their parents, the ordeal to reconnect them continues. It has taken Joe Biden’s government almost four months to announce the first happy ending.

Four families will be able to fulfill the dream of legally traveling to meet their children, although at the moment the permission they receive is limited and temporary. Michelle Brane, executive director of the task force that the White House appointed to carry out this task, said yesterday that they are looking for a legal way to earn them permanent status. As Melania Trump discovered when she tried, it is not easy, because it is not the authority of the Government but of Congress.

That is also what prevented Barack Obama from fulfilling the dream of children who came to the country at the hands of their parents when they were young and have grown up attending American schools and universities, but cannot accept jobs because they lack work permits. . The irony is that those Trump made orphans will have a much easier time if their parents don’t claim them. More than 500 continue to live with foster families while the government and a handful of NGOs roam the villages of Central America in search of their parents.

The task is daunting. They often only have a misspelled first and last name. The phone number they had was a prepaid card and it no longer works. The villages they go to do not have names on the streets, almost always governed by gangs of gangsters and drug traffickers. When they find them, some do not want their children returned. They have already come to terms with the loss and, above all, they know that a more prosperous future awaits them if they grow up in American homes, even with adoptive parents. If they are returned to poor villages where children are recruited into gangs as soon as they reach adolescence, they will lose them longer. The sacrifice of these parents who have already shed many tears in the past four years is to give them up.

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Historical injustice

Hence, Brane’s task force is trying to convince Biden’s team that the best option to remedy this historic injustice is to bring the parents to the United States, rather than take the children back to their home country. Brane is the daughter of immigrants and when the Government recruited her, she was working precisely in the task of reunifying families as director of the Justice and Rights of Migrants Program, in addition to the Commission for Refugee Women.

The first beneficiaries of their efforts are a Honduran mother, another Mexican and two Guatemalan families. The Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, did not want to give details of their identities to protect their privacy, but revealed that both the Honduran and the Mexican have not seen their children for four years, being among the first affected by the tolerance policy Trump’s zero.

“This is just the beginning,” he promised. “There will be more in the coming weeks and months.” According to its own data, the Government has already identified more than a thousand families, but the process “is difficult and will take time.” The more they investigate, the more the number of victims increases, which when Biden came to power was only 611 children and today it exceeds a thousand.

The authorities are also trying to minimize the number of minors in custody, which this winter beat record numbers. They are pleased to have reduced the time they spend in border patrol facilities to 20 hours before being transferred to shelters, and even so they have reached 5,700 minors in winter. The White House, beset by social pressure, announced yesterday that the number of refugees who will be granted political asylum this year will rise from 15,000 to 62,500.

Three immigrants lose their lives when a boat wrecks in San Diego

The images of the shipwreck would have been familiar on any beach in the Strait, but not on those in San Diego. Yesterday the sea dragged the remains of the boat that crashed into the reefs on Sunday, drowning three people and leaving 27 others soaked, who were rescued from the sea by the coast guard.

Among them was the one who ran the boat, which presumably transported undocumented immigrants to the shores of the United States. The authorities have not yet determined their identities, not even the exact point from which the boat departed, but it is presumed that it left from somewhere in the Mexican state of Baja California, from where the number of boats that try to introduce immigrants into the country of the American dream increased 92% last year compared to 2019.

The visible and invisible wall that Donald Trump erected on the border has forced the most desperate to seek routes even more dangerous than those in the desert. Between 2009 and 2019, just 6,500 people had been arrested for illegally entering the country by sea, compared to 172,000 by land in March alone.

The Pacific swell is believed to have thrown the precarious wooden boat against the reefs, leaving a tide of colored planks shattered in the Punta Loma area. “This is a very rocky area,” fire chief José Ysea observed at the scene. «The sea was very rough that day. Most likely the waves beat it and threw it against the reefs to pieces, “he explained.


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