Joe Biden could not seem to answer a simple question about the legacy of slavery during the third Democratic debates.

Linsey Davis asked him, "What responsibility do you think that Americans need to take to the legacy of security in our country? "

Mr Biden started by addressing "institutional segregation" and discussing his track record, as well as the need for social reforms, before making some controversial statements.

"Look, there's institutional segregation in this country," he said. "And from the time I got involved, I started dealing with that. Redlining, making sure that we are in a position where – look, talk about education. I proposed that what we do is very poor schools, the title I schools, triple the amount of money we spend. "

"The teachers … have every problem coming to them," Mr Biden continued. "We have to make sure every single child does, in fact, have three, four, and five-year-olds go to school – school, not daycare, school. We bring social workers into homes and parents to help them deal with how to raise their children. It's not that they want to help. They do not know quite what to do. Play the radio. Make sure the television – excuse me, make sure you have the record player at night. "

"Make sure the kids hear words. A kid is coming from a very school – a very poor background – four million words by the time they get there, "he concluded.

Those statements have appeared to be an editor-at-large for TIME Magazine,

"Joe Biden's answer to the legacy of slavery was appalling – and disqualifying," he says wrote in a tweet,

In a follow-up tweet, Mr. Giridharadas added: "Asked about his past comments denying responsibility, as a white man, for America's sins, he gives an answer that insinuates that black parents do not know how to raise kids."

Others said Mr Biden was employing "a racist stereotype" when answering the question.

"So many problems with this," Ashley Nicole Black, a comedian and cast member of HBO's A Black Lady Sketch Showwrote on twitter.

"He repeated a racist stereotype (using a debunked study). He still has a record player … But the pettiest problem … Does Joe Biden think black parents do not play their kids music ?? Has he got MET black people? "

Mr Biden continued to speak with his comments, while he was in the midst of his speech.

"Here's the deal. Venezuela, "he continued, before being illegally referring to the country's president, Nicolas Maduro, as' Madura '.

"I know Madura," he said. "I faced Madura. Number two, you talk about the need for something in Latin America. In the guy who came up with $ 740m (£ 595.4m). You're all acting like we just discovered this yesterday. "

The former vice president took center stage at the third debate, in which the top 10 Democrats appeared together to discuss a wide range of issues during the three-hour special. He was credited with defending his healthcare plan Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren – who flanked either side of Mr Biden on stage – presenting their sweeping Medicare-for-All initiatives and vowing universal coverage.

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Mr Biden holds a steady status as Frontrunner. It remains unclear how its controversial statements or debate may impact the rest of the race before the Democratic Primaries kick off in February.

Mr Biden's campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment.